Written by Tipex1000

10 Jul 2009

Me and the wife visited this great nudist/clothed beach for the second (which i will tell about later).But we had first been in 2007, when i was surprised by an old man on looking while i had fun with the wife. the beach was quite and i was rubbing oil on her. Then i turned to get a blow job and saw the guy in the long grass wanking away. i told the wife who just had a quick look and carried on. This was something new for us even though we do all-sorts out doors but have never been caught.i was so turned on and shocked that my wife did not jump up in embarrassment.i decided i would give him a view of her shave lips as by now he was only a couple of yards away. she was topples showing her ample 38dds, but she had her lace knickers on which i pulled down at the front to bear all. still no resistance from her she laid there with eyes shut and allowing me to oil and shove my fingers in. that was it for him as he walked closer wanking saying signor i slipped my now bursting 7 inch deep down her throat waiving him away and only allowing him to watch. within about 5 sucks i came pulling out of her mouth and shooting on her face and tits. He followed by shooting his in the sand. she just laid there as i waved the man away saying go. then an old gay couple sat near to us and said be careful around hear as you get perverts watching you through the grass. he then said i just seen one of them walking from behind where you are laid,so i sent him packing, they are a pest he said. little did he know minuets before i was glad he was there, and was giving him a right show.Look forword to you comments please

The old man must have told his younger friend, because within no time at all he was hovering about with his (8 inch on the slack ). it became to much and we decide to go back to the car park through some wooded area. all the time being followed by Mr big who was now a good 10 inch and hard with wanking and tring to get our attention. Being a bit worried we headed for our hire car and locked the doors. He walked by us a few times showing us what he had to offer and wanking it for all it was wotrh.But because we had never expected any of this and was still in a bit of shock this was happening, we went on our way. later that night i found out that this was a local pickup spot for the gays and a local dogging spot. i told the wife i was pleased she did not stop performing and she said she did it for me.(do you belive that).wow what a first time in front of someone. and i think she enjoyed it just a much.

As i said this was our first time but we have just come back from there again which i will tell you about our latest visit soon. only wish i would have let things to there own course.