6 Nov 2016

I want to recount an occurrence which my wife often relates to me when she wants to make me cum quickly. It happened many years ago, but the passage of time has not diminished the joy. My wife's brother had come to stay with us and the two of them decided to go and visit their cousins in Glasgow, leaving me to look after the kids. They had not been there long when I received a phone call from my wife, asking if I minded if they stayed overnight, as a party had been arranged. I assured my wife it was no problem and thought nothing more of it. I probably went to bed at normal time (11p.m. ish) and was awoken and surprised by wife arriving sometime in the middle of the night. She was dishevelled, quite drunk and very tired and flopped into bed with neither the ability, nor the inclination, to explain why she had returned early and notably, without her brother.

This is her story:

My brother and I had travelled up to Glasgow on the train from Ayrshire. We had not seen our cousins in many years and we were both looking forward to seeing them. We arrived to a warm welcome and were told that a party had been arranged in our honour so that we could meet all of our Scottish family. The drink was soon flowing, Carlsberg Special followed by whisky chasers and then the smokes were passed around and pretty soon, I was beginning to feel the effect. I was chatting to a couple of wives when in walks my cousin John, whom I hadn't seen in over 20 years. We were of a similar age, early thirties, and he had that devil may care, jack-the-lad attitude that I found attractive in men. We chatted for ages and then he suggested that the younger ones among us should go back to his place. I rounded up my brother and a few others and off we went. John had his arm around me all the way back his hand often stroking my hip or up and down my back straying onto the rounded cheeks of my bum. I was well and truly pissed by now and as soon as we arrived at his place, I dived into the loo for a much needed pee. I don't know why, but I decided to leave my panties and tights off, knowing that in my short skirt I would feel dangerously exposed. The smokes went round a few times, as did the drinks. I was sitting against John, his hands stroking my hair and neck and giving me goosebumps. He had just commented on the fact that he could see right down my blouse, when another of my cousins said he could see my pussy. I hastily closed my legs and then John whispered in my ear that he would like to see my pussy too ( neither of them actually said pussy, but I can't bring myself to use the 'C' word). I don't know why, but I suddenly had this overwhelming urge to show him, it felt wrong but exciting, naughty but exhilarating. I know I should have told him off for suggesting it, but instead, I turned round towards him and parted my legs just enough for him to glimpse my pussy. I gave no thought to the fact that I was a married woman nor that we were closely related and I think he knew then that I was his for the taking.

Everyone now was fairly pissed. We had done a lot of singing and talking. Some had wandered off home and others had crashed out on the living room floor. John took my hand and pulled me off the floor and said "come on, I'll show you where you're sleeping". He led me by the hand, up the stairs and into a bedroom. As soon as we got inside he closed the door and dragged me onto the bed. The mattress was feathery and soft and swallowed me up. John's fingers were delving deep into my pussy whilst with his other hand, his fingers were struggling with the buttons on my blouse. I lay there with reckless abandon, my boobs out, nipples tingling, my legs wide open as John's fingers plunged in and out. I didn't care that I was married and I didn't care that he was my cousin, all I cared about was getting his prick into my pussy and getting well and truly fucked.

I soon had his prick in my hand. It was long and thin and slightly twisted and I pulled it towards my pussy guiding it between lips that were so wet that they made slurping sounds as it went in. I wanted to feel it and changed positions so that I could straddle him and bury him deep inside me. As I bounced up and down, I played with my clit, relieving the ache that was deep down inside me, while John played with my boobs saying over and over how great they were. I was a 36c in those days with nipples that just loved to be sucked and I loved other men playing with my boobs. I had attended many a party where someone other than my husband had played with my tits but this was only the second time that another man had entered me since I got married.

I arched my back as my orgasm built inside me then came with an explosive rush that left me temporarily satiated. I soon recovered and now I wanted to feel my lips around his dick. I moved down and grabbed it with one hand whilst I cupped his balls with the other. I put it in my mouth, tasting my pussy juices and the saltiness of his pre-cum and bobbed my head up and down varying the pressure each time I drew upwards. I could feel him building, his movements becoming stiff and his back lifting off the bed. I stopped, hoping I hadn't taken him too far and allowed his excitement to subside, then I lay down beside him and told him to cum inside me. With that, he climbed on top of me and plunged his full length into me. He came quickly and rolled off of me, his cum oozing from my pussy lips and into my bum crack. I don't know why, but after a short time laying beside him I thought I had better get home. I dressed, then went in search of my brother. I couldn't find him but did manage to recover my knickers from the toilet floor and find the number for a taxi, attached to the side of the fridge.

Pretty soon I was on the train and heading home. There were 4 lads in the carriage and I chose to sit well away from them to avoid being hassled. They were noisy and drunk but I didn't really care because I was drunk and slightly stoned and nicely tingling all over. Of course, the inevitable happened and they came over to where I was sitting, 2 of them sitting on my seats and the other 2 opposite me. I can't really remember what they said, but I wished that I had dressed more carefully to come home. I had too many buttons undone and my tits were falling out of my bra. I felt vulnerable and exposed and a little scared, but I needn't have worried as they were like me, on their way home after a good night out and just wanting to talk. We got chatting. They were all late teens, early twenties and were moaning about not having scored all night. I told them that they were all good looking lads and that I was sure that there luck would change and then one of them asked me for a kiss to make up for a bad evening. I suppose I was still feeling the effects of the drink because I gave him a little peck on the cheek which was like lighting the blue touch paper. he pulled me towards him and firmly locked his lips on mine whilst grabbing my boobs and fondling them. Then his hand was inside my blouse and he scooped one boob out and then the other. My blouse was now completely open and my boobs on show for all the boys to see. They crowded into me, demanding kisses and I duly obliged. Their hands were all over me and I just lay back in the seat like a drunken slut and let them play. All too soon (or perhaps not too soon) the train arrived at my station. I quickly tidied myself up and got off the train with the boys cheering me as I left. A quick taxi ride home and then, suddenly, the enormity of what I had done hit me. I let myself in as quietly as possible and started thinking about what to tell my husband.