Written by Antonia

8 May 2008

I borrowed a mates mg convertible on Sunday and went to the truckfest on my own with the intention of being a naughty girl.

I arrived and parked up. I was wearing a new short black denim skirt and moon boots white bra and t shirt and an old pair of black swimming bikini bottoms. I’d no sooner got out of the car when I attracted the attention of 3 lads. One asked if he could take my picture next to the car. abit old hat I thought but smiled and said ok. He had a posh camera and took a couple of me by the headlight, he then asked if he could have one resting on the bonnet. He took two, then lowered the camera to the ground and took about 3 more. I stood up and said no more, smiled and walked away. Having just driven for 2 hours I was in need of rearranging myself, I was shocked to find the bikini bottoms were actually over to one side and one of my labia lips was actually out of the material. oops.

I had a wander around the event and soon got bored, went and got a burger and sat on the grass slope. There was actually no way I could sit that didn’t give anyone who tried, a good view up my small skirt. I got the usual tingle in the tummy and racing in the heart that meant I was going to dare myself to be naughty.i reached under my skirt and pulled the bikini bottoms into my cleft on one side again. they are so old the elastic is gone or I’ve lost a load of weight. I put my sunglasses on and dared myself to allow 5 men to have a look.i was actually surprised most didn’t try. They a couple of lads did, then a bloke walked past twice.i was sure they didn’t think I could see them through my sunglasses. Then one actually came back and sat about 5 feet away from me staring at me, I got up and left but felt very very excited, naughty and scared somehow!

After about 20 mins more I dared myself to remove my bikini bottoms whilst I walked around!! Easy really as they had tied sides. I can’t describe how incredible horny I felt being around so many men without any cover on my pussy, the air around my tingly bits. It was like being naked.i even folded the top of my skirt over once so it was now really short.in a quieter part of the event a man came over to me and asked if he could take a pic of me for a truck magazine, I declined, a man next to him said he had an old classic and he would love the photographer to photo his truck, they both then pleaded with me to go with them. just a couple then I said. they were really nice guys and asked me to lean against this blue truck, whilst saying I must be a model. They then asked if they could take a pic of me in the cab. I refused. They realised I was being modest. Saying I could get in and sort myself out before they took any shots. which they did and they thanked me and I ungracefully clambered out backwards to find the guy from the car park ambush me from behind the door camera practically up my skirt.

I went after him and said he was very rude and probably breaking the law.he apologised and said that he found me incredibly attractive and had been looking for me for a couple of hours. He was actually quite cute, so I said I wanted to see the pics from the morning.he showed me and they looked quite good, he actually admitted he wasn’t sure if I was wearing anything underneath! I said that I was! And what about the last couple he’d taken, he showed me and he had one of my bottom and the second was similar but blurred.i made him delete them!! But if id have had a thong on it would have looked the same. I told him I was bored and needed some cheering up, did he really like taking my picture and he admitted that he thought me attractive.I said he could take a few if he emailed a copy of all of them to me!! We wandered around and I told him what pics I wanted, me just being silly to start with. I smiled and said you can find out what colour my underwear is but only by reflection! Ie mirrors, exhausts and wheels. He looked quite excited and we took about ten shots. I could see my slot in a couple so I’m sure he could too.

I then went to the loo, tied the bottoms back together and put them on, wandered around chatting then we went our separate ways. I await the pics, he has my email address!!.

I actually go out now with the intention of flashing my underwear accidentally! I am wearing really light dresses to work in this lovely weather, today a wrap dress and white cottons underneath of course! In the evenings the library, the pub, the garage the shops in just a denim mini and no undies! Something wild and naught has been unleashed in me.

A mate of mine turned up tonight after work and I was just out of the shower when the bell went. He’d come for a coffee and a chat! I made him coffee and we had a hug, then he got me to sit on his lap then he was cupping my unheld boobs through my dress.i wasn’t sure as he had a girlfriend, so as we hadn’t eaten We went out and got fish and chips and after another bottle of wine. I curled up on the settee and he started to stroke my shins then my outer part of my thighs, he them moved the other side of me and whilst I faked sleep he stroked me ever closer to my hot wet slot, eventually pulling my gusset to oneside , its quite puffy when I’m aroused. He was now fingering my wet love hole. I said this isn’t fair and dragged him into the bedroom. when guess what he came in his pants!! So I had an hour to wait and another coffee before I was satisfied!! He’s gone home now. Nite Toni xx