Written by Beefburger

16 Sep 2009

Just arrived back from Cornwall.We stayed in Sandymouth Bay holiday camp Nr Bude with our mobile home.sarah traveled down in her low cut top as alway\'s and we stopped alot at the services just to get her exited as she like\'s to flaunt to the boy\'s.along the way she dresses and undresses while we travel so even the wagon drivers get a piece.back at the camp we got our pitch from the reception and made our way to the pitch.sp22 next to the wash room\'s, excellent so she at night leaves open a blind just enough as if someone walk\'s by will peek in.i am sat in the driver\'s seat with the curtian\'s round me telling her if anyone\'s walking by to put on a show.a couple walked by and he looked over and i told sarah she\'s on, up she jumps and walk\'s by the gap.his head Nealy spun of his shoulder\'s as he saw sarah topless his wife said just going to the loo you wait here.he stood quite still looking directly at our van she then slid down her knickers and then touched her fanny ,the bloke froze.don\'t be long the blokes wife will be back out soon.she slipped on her nightie and went to the back of the van hidden.they went off. she asked how was that .before i could answer a single lad walked by, must show him as well she opened the door and out she popped with a waste waste barrel to put under the van ,he comes over and asks if he can help this goes under here somewhere and bends down, he thanks gets a eye full of her arse and pussy as she shows him were to put it ,no maybe some-other time she comes back inside and says i\'ve got to have him he\'s lovely, you cam but not while i\'m here,later in the week i\'ve got to do some shopping so then you can fuck his brain\'s out .we carried on like this all week flashing ,then i went shopping ,when i came back sarah looked smug.look she showed me her tit\'s love bites all over them .her pussy looked swollen and red.mack the most of it because were going home in two days. she did..i love sarah and the thing\'s she does ....