Written by Graham

13 Jun 2011

My story happened in about 1982, my wife Joyce and I being a bit strapped for cash and badly needing a holiday, booked ourselves onto a cheap camping holiday in Spain travelling by coach, sitting by us on the twenty four hour journey was a group of four lads, all in their early twenties, we were in our early thirties at that time, who we rapidly made friends with, sharing drinks and snacks on that long drive through France.

On arrival at the campsite in Rosas we found that the lads had been allocated the tent next to ours, we were quite pleased as we got on so well.

Most evenings found us, the lads, and another couple, Diane and her nineteen year old daughter Kelly sitting outside the tents with a few beers or bottles of wine, having lots of laughs with these young men, at the end of the evenings they would give a cuddle to the girls, with one lad Rob, paying a little extra attention to my wife, I just thought that he liked older women and she did flirt with him quite a bit.

One night I awoke, to the sound of the zip on the door flap being opened, it was Joyce going out, I assumed she was off to the toilet block, when she failed to return after a few minutes, I went looking for her. Passing the lads tent, I heard my wife's voice coming from inside, looking through the open flap I could see her lying on the mattress, naked, with a lad either side of her with their hands all over her body, I watched as they pushed her legs apart Rob rolled on top of her pushing his hard cock into her open pussy, fucking her hard, when he finished, she pulled the other lad onto her, he was more than ready so it didn't take long before I saw him go rigid as he came, shooting his cum into her.

She returned to our bed a few minutes later, I pretended to be sleeping, upset and shocked.

The following night the same thing happened, when she thought I was asleep she left to go to the lads tent again, I sipped my shorts on, and sat outside with a beer, sitting outside her tent opposite was Diane, she was upset and crying, I walked over and sat with her, evidently she'd had a big row with Kelly and she had gone to sleep in the boys tent, I doubt there would much sleeping in that tent, she had also seen my wife going to the boys tent, telling me that she had been going there for the last few nights, a surprise to me.

Diane started to cry again, I put my arms around her to comfort her and soon found us kissing, my hands found her heavy boobs, fondling them and tweeking her rapidly hardening nipples, I slipped my hand up the leg of her shorts, my fingers finding her pussy lips, pushing my hand away she held onto it guiding me into her tent, falling onto the mattress we quickly stripped each other, grabbing my cock she put it into her mouth, what she did to it, sucking and wanking was great but it was already rock hard, she lay back pulling her knees up with her legs wide apart, pulling me into her,

I pushed my cock into her as she pulled me deeply into her very wet pussy, pumpimg in and out she soon reached her climax, screaming loudly, clasping my bum cheeks she pulled me into her, till I pumped my full load was inside her lovely wet love hole

Returning to our tent my wife was back in our bed, she asked me where I had been, I told her the truth and before she could say anything I told her that I knew what she had been doing, she was shocked that I was aware of her nights of passion with the lads and that I'd had sex with Diane, she also told me that Kelly had sex every night with two of the lads and also with others in another tent during the day, apparently she couldn't get enough, that was the reason for her row with Diane.

After hours of talking we decided that she would continue to sleep with the lads if I wanted to sleep with Diane. I had great sex with Diane every night and most days till we got caught by Kelly on the last night of the holiday.

Joyce spent the rest of the holiday with the lads enjoying their young company and their cocks, telling me after the holiday everything that had happened.