Written by Tucker

22 Nov 2013

My wife of 7 years is wonderful, slim, petite, she has a short haircut and perky little boobs.

I returned home from work one night back in the summer and after greeting me with her usual kiss, she said, "Can we talk"?

I commented that by the tone of her voice, it must be serious, and immediately thought , car, job, credit card?

She sat down, then looking at me said, please, just listen, i have to say this now.

Skipping all the nitty gritty details, excuses and plain lies, it turned out she had joined a witches coven and attended their meetings for the previous few months.

They cast their circles naked, or skyclad as she called it, and enjoyed the thrill of being touched, by both the men and the women in the group.

I was a bit taken back, but as i was considering what all that meant, she continued.

I have also met a couple from the coven a few times in private.

Its not like an affair because there's no love involved, they're into bondage and mild BDSM which i find so exciting.

I could tell my her eyes that she'd finished.

Yes i was hurt, angry, shocked and unlike many of the people who have wrote about similar situations, i definitely wasn't turned on, hard or excited.

I asked the obvious questions of why, was i not enough, how long had she had these urges and why had she now decided to tell me and more importantly did she still love me?

She began crying and between tears she said she loved me and only me, but found the group and witchcraft just felt right.

As for the BDSM, it was the biggest turn on she'd ever experienced and it didn't feel like cheating because it felt like she was experiencing it through the body of a different person.

The outcome of 2 hours talk, and it was talking, not shouting was me deciding that i wanted to meet the couple, why i weren't sure.

I knew Sue (my wife) had always been a tree hugger, so the coven i could understand, the group touching was, if she'd told me the truth, not that sexual and i could see the reason for doing it, once she'd explained the rituals and the meaning of touching.

But the BDSM was another thing altogether and i couldn't accept her reasoning. I wanted to speak to this couple and see how sue acted in their presence. If she had feelings for them, i'd see it, plus, if they had nothing to hide and i spoke to them without the anger i felt towards them showing, i could judge their motives, which i didnt think was an unreasonable request?

Sue phoned them and credit to them, they agreed to come round the following evening after work.

I was like a robot at work, but eventually i made my way home. After our meal i showered and awaited my wifes new "friends".

I answered the door and was confronted by two smiling, smartly dressed people who after introducing themselves, thrust a bottle of wine in my hand saying, its a pagan thing, we always bring a bottle when visiting people.

Somewhat gob-smacked, i thanked them an invited them in.

We spoke and it all seemed strangely normal.

I can't believe it now, but the outcome of our conversation was i found my self agreeing to watch the three of them do a bondage session.

Throughout the whole conversation, i knew if i wanted sue and i to work, she had to be happy and feel she could still live her life whilst at the same time sharing it with me.

I'm 12 years older than sue and feel ten feet tall when we go out together.

It was agreed i would just sit and watch, and they would act as if i weren't there.

Fast forward the next few days and all the conversations we had about the pending bondage session, the the day in question arrived.

Sue showered and dressed in one of her wrap around dresses, not quite what i expected her to wear, but i said nothing, as we'd agreed, that any thing i had to say about the evening would wait until after we go back home.

I shall call the couple Bev and sid because its only right i respect their privacy, after all it was sue who approached them about joining their coven and she who asked them about bondage, I may have been angry about the situation, but they weren't the guilty party.

They had a lovely flat and a purpose build out-house in a large private garden.

I won't include my thoughts and emotions, as i sat in the semi dark out-house.

Sue was led in by Bev, both women were naked and sue wore a leather collar around her neck and her wrists were secured together by leather cuffs.

Bev had an equally good figure, her breasts were much fuller and she was a dress size bigger all over, plus her shaven fanny clearly exposed the lips of her fanny and her nipples were much larger than sue's.

Bev secured sue's wrists to ring bolt in the wall above her head, then knelt beside her.

Sid entered the room and Bev said, this is the slave who was caught drinking masters wine.

Ignoring me completely sid walked over to sue and after caressing her body he pinched her nipple until she cried out. Her vocal release was met by a whack across the bum with a wooden paddle.

Quiet girl, was all he said before pinching her nipple once again.

He then told bev to prepare her for a flogging.

Bev released one wrist and secured it to a chain hanging from the ceiling, once secured she told sue to spread her legs.

Sid was swishing and selecting a flogger from a rack containing a selection of canes, flogger's and whips.

As the flogger landed across sue's back, i was sure it would open her skin as the crack of it landing against her skin was so loud, yet it left no mark. he told her to count aloud as the strokes landed across her back and bottom. 20 strokes in total.

He then walked around to face her and did the same to her breasts and tummy.

By the time he'd finished, you could see the floggers tail marks zig zagged across her body.

She was then released and her arms secured behind her back with rope.

Bex was rubbing sue's body with a cream and as she focused on her boobs she said aloud, your for it now girl, master will teach you to steal. She then tied a blindfold around sue's head.

Sid placed clamps on sue's nipples and some on her fanny lips, she then began to finger Sue's obviously wet fanny as i could hear the squelchy wetness of her fanny as bev's fingers explored the vagina's inner folds.

He then prodded her with and electric probe, which sparked as it touched her skin.

her torment went on for a good 2 hours and concluded with bev giving sue's body a thorough rub with a fragrant oil.

Sid then told bev to take sue up stairs and the two of them were to prepare some refreshments.

Being served by two naked slaved was both exciting and natural, if that makes sense.

I won't bore you with too much detail, but the evening was very unusual and despite the many time i was on the verge of calling a halt to it all, i kept my promise and remained silent whilst the beatings took place.

After the refreshments were served, sid asked if i had any questions?

Needless to say, i had hundreds, yet i could only think of a few.

Do you ever screw sue? No

Do you ever stick your dick in her mouth? Not as yet.

Does she ever eat bev? Yes

And bev her? Yes?

I left theirs with the feeling that they were now my friends, in fact i invited them to dinner in the near future.

When we got home, sue said could we talk? I said yes, but need a wee first.

I hadn't realised it at the time, but my pants were soaked with pre-come, although i don't think i was ever hard as i watched sue's abuse.

We spoke well into the night and it was agreed that sue would remain in both the coven and their service.

Did i ever want to see it again? No, knowing she was happy, not doing anything behind my back and trusted my love for her enough to tell me about her visits is enough for me.Unsur