Written by RaJfun

11 Jun 2018

I read RayofSin’s story about being caned as punishment. It’s not often this subject comes up so thought I would strike whilst the iron’s hot. Unless there is more to come, Ray unfortunately really played his options badly here. We have used this site more recently to occasionally meet singles of both sexes for threesomes. However, many years ago the cane came in to play by accident but has formed a very different but valuable tool in our marriage. I am Craig and am 56 and my wife Jen is 54. We both carry a few extra pounds but more rounded than overweight. I am 5’10” and Jen is 5’5” a brunette with great curves and beautiful blue eyes. About 11 years ago I was careless with my viewing history and Jen spotted I was looking at CP videos. She wasn’t annoyed but confronted me somewhat jokingly. She wanted to know what turned me on about this. I admitted this got me very excited. I didn’t know what caused it but I did make me excited and got me stiff. She asked if I wanted her to act it out. I said not really as it was just fantasy and I didn’t need gimmicks to get turned on by her, but just needed more private time together. Roll forward a month or so and one night Jen walks in to our bedroom dressed up in short skirt & suspenders with a school cane she had ordered online. We locked our bedroom door and then took turns bending over for very light canings. This was partly due to not wanting to hurt one another but also we didn’t want the noise to catch the attention of the kids. The cane as a sex aid wore off pretty quickly and was hidden out of view for a good while. However one Friday evening we had an almighty fight. I was tired from work, but Jen was vicious and made some very unkind comments in the heat of the moment. I wouldn’t speak to her all night. The next day I dropped the children off at their various sports & dance classes but when I got home, Jen was standing inside the entrance hall holding the cane. She said “I’m so sorry. I deserve this. Can you punish me then let’s put it behind us”. I had lost my anger at this point but still had a bit of resentment so thought this is a great idea. I took her in to the lounge and she bent over the arm of the couch. I lifted her skirt and before I could do it, she pulled her knickers over her bottom and down to her calves. I gave her one stroke which wasn’t that hard as I really didn’t wish to hurt her. Jen almost spat out “do it properly or this won’t work”. I then gave her six hard cracks across her bottom. She squealed after each one, her bottom almost jumped up each time and a pink, then angry red stripe appeared soon after each stroke. She lay across the arm of the couch for some time after I finished groaning. I was fixated on the red stripes across her very white bottom, with the dark hairy pussy peeking out from between her legs and her tightly closed pussy slit. I then lifted her up and kissed her to show we had made up. Her eyes were watering, a little red as was her face. She jumped a little from foot to foot and her ample breasts bounced up and down under her light top. Whilst kissing Jen I ran my hands over her bum. She winced and I could feel the little ridges from the cane stripes. I let my hand move down her bum cleft and under, between her legs. It was very hot but wet ! I looked straight in her eyes and said get back over the couch. Jen’s blue eyes looked devastated and she said I can’t take any more but I held her hand to my dick which was hard as steel. Jen said “seriously ?” but I just pushed her back over the arm of the couch, got my stiff cock out and then got on the back of her like a rampant bull. She was so hot and soon very wet and was quite vocal but not sure how much that was due to her red striped bum or my extra hard dick, but I didn’t last long and exploded my spunk inside her. After I withdrew she got up with a beaming smile and we kissed passionately. We don’t argue a lot, but possibly 8 months later, same thing but I was the one that lost it and directed some foul language at Jen. Again she wouldn’t speak to me and I had to wait until the next time the kids were all out (TBH we didn’t see a lot of them during daylight at the weekend in those days). I found the cane and took it to Jen as an offering. She frowned looking at it for some time in my hands then eventually looked up, smiled, nodded and said “yep !” She led me upstairs to our room and I stripped completely naked and then knelt on all fours on one side of our double bed. Jen then whipped me six times with the cane. She put all her effort in to it, didn’t hold back and it was very painful. I didn’t have an erection at the end. My bum was absolutely killing me with a deep pain where the cane stripes had landed including two on my legs (Jen’s aim eventually got better with practice!). I stayed on all fours but looked back at my bum in the main mirror. It was a mass of red stripes. Over a period of just over 2 weeks these eventually turned crimson, blue/black, brown and yellow before disappearing, similar to Jen’s (but I think I was still lighter on her). Soon Jen came over and while I was still on all fours started to massage my cock until it grew hard. Then she took off her knickers got on all fours in front of me and offered me her pussy. I was on her in a flash like a dog mounting a bitch on heat. We have kept this up ever since. It happens rarely maybe once or twice a year, not equally and certainly doesn’t resolve all arguments. There are still the squabbles where we each think the other is at fault. However, there are still those flashpoints when afterwards one of us recognises we were either entirely or more at fault and this is a quick means of resolving that has an intimate ending brining us back closer. There was actually one other amazing incident early on. It was a very warm afternoon and Jen was thrashing me this time in the lounge, but all the windows were open. We had one neighbour, a divorcee who was a couple of years older and who Jen was very close to. She travelled most of the year and Jen would keep an eye on the house, but also knew all her secrets. She was in her garden that day and heard the caning (normally the double-glazing would cut that out). She was horrified and thought we might have been caning the children who she was very fond of. As mentioned, they didn’t keep secrets to so she raised it with Jen. Jen (to my horror) came clean with our whole secret. She told the neighbour that it didn’t happen that often but she would text her next time and she could verify it was only the two of us about. I hated the idea but wanted to quickly discount the horrible worry the neighbour had. I knew she was around for a couple of months over the summer so purposely created an argument which required an apology. Jen texted the neighbour when the punishment was to take place, so the neighbour came across, was led through the empty house and then asked to sit in the kitchen. We had a somewhat old-fashioned serving hatch between the kitchen and the dining room which we never used, but due to warping couldn’t be closed fully hence you could hear through the rooms but not really see (unless you opened it). Jen told me to go in to the dining room, place a towel over the end of the table and bend over it with my trousers and Y-fronts down. She then went in to the kitchen with the cane to show it to our neighbour. Moments later she came in to the dining room and proceeded to give me six hard stroked of the cane, causing me to gently whimper after each stroke. I was given some time to recover, then I dressed and was given the cane to take through to the kitchen and pretend to put it back in the pantry cupboard (we actually hid it somewhere else). Our neighbour’s eyes were beaming and her face almost crimson red as I walked past and she just said “hello Craig “ !! I had to wait sometime for Jen to get her out of the house before we could complete the entire ritual upstairs on our bed. The neighbour never raised the subject with Jen again but always had a bit of a twinkle or restrained smile whenever I saw her after that. Again, this happens very rarely, we still enjoy a healthy sex life so don’t fictitiously create arguments to use the cane, but we both know where it is kept if we need forgiveness and to clear the air!