Written by Songbirds

25 May 2018

We are a youngish couple; female 40 and Male 46 and in May 2018 we made our first trip to Cap d’Adge (Cap), the reputedly Swinging Mecca of Europe. Here’s how we planned it and how we got on.

We’d learned about Cap through websites and chatter and did some online research. The more we read the more curious we got. Then we found that Ryan Air fly directly to Beziers which is the airport on the edge of the town of Cap. That was our prompt to have a long weekend.

High season in Cap means high prices, and it can be an expensive visit, so we chose to gamble with the weather and go in late May.

In terms of accommodation we looked about and there was little availability when we booked some 10 weeks in advance. Several apartments were available but we moved too slow and missed out. As a result we ended up booking three nights at Natureva Spa, a Spa resort hotel within the Naturist village. Accommodation loaded, we booked our flights and counted down the weeks.

Tip 1 - Use the ‘France’ forum on Fab to make people aware you are going. You get no end of tips and helpful kind advice from experienced couples. In our case, the F half of a couple was travelling on the same Friday flight and offered us a lift to the resort at the other end. Brilliant!

Use of the forum and other sources elsewhere on the internet we learned a little more each week. We watched secretly filmed videos published on Xhamster and the like. Ironically these were quite helpful and helped us build a mental picture of the place.

The next dilemma; what to pack.? We were only going for three nights and four days and fully aware that we’d be naked for a good part of the time. Mrs acquired some sultry underwear sets that could pass as an erotic dress (a great choice), while Mr gleaned that males need only be smart (Chinos or Jeans and a collared shirt). We packed swimwear because a big concern was was to wear on route to the beach. We’ll come back to that.

The day arrived and we headed for Bristol Airport. We had exchanged messages with two females (unconnected) and had agreed to say ‘Hi’ at the airport gate. This is well worth it, and you’ll see faces on the flight that reappear around the close community of Cap during your stay.

The flight is roughly 90 minutes and there’s enough time for at least one wine on the plane to loosen nerves.

Cap is a very small airport some 3 or so miles inland. As every flight lands, a public bus service is available to take people to the town centre and we understand that this passes the entrance to the Naturist Village. Several taxis commonly sit in readiness for flight arrivals but it’s first come first served so if you are quick out of the blocks you might be in luck. Taxis can be booked in advance online apparently.

By car the journey takes 10-15 minutes. Unless you arrange with your accommodation provider you have to buy a day pass at the gate. For us this was avoided and if you are staying at the hotels you can ask them to register you as a visitor and avoid the cost.

We got dropped at our hotel by our nice friends and we checked in. During the check in, a smart mature naked lady passed us by entering from the street. Another fully dressed male entered also, neither of them caused a reaction.

Tip 2 - it’s ok to be fully dressed at Cap. The beauty of Cap is that nobody judges you on any basis other than you being civil. Go about your business in any degree of state of dress or undress and nobody will bat an eyelid.

We were keen to get to the beach so we unpacked and put our swimmers on and made the short walk to the North beach.

Can I find myself on the wrong beach and cause offence or embarrassment?

No - take a look at Cap on Google Maps. The long beach to the north of the Port Entrance is purely nudist. The section from the channel that enters the port to the first large bar is naked-no-sex. Get beyond the bar and you are in swinger zone. It’s quite obvious. You’ll quickly discover that there’s a small narrow road parallel to the beach just some 50 yards behind the dunes. Walk along here (naked if you wish, most people are) and enter the beach at the bar area and you are immediately at the start of the Swingers beach. Job done.

The Swingers beach gets crowded quickly, but note - unlike any other beach, people are deliberately setting up at reasonably close quarters to adjacent bathers. Cap is a lot about voyeurism and watching or being watched is part of the thrill. There are two or three mobile vendors on the beach that sell lollies, ice creams, beers, soft drinks, coffees and sandwiches. The prices are very good and the drinks are cold. We picked a spot each visit in close proximity to these vendors and that represents a pretty busy area of this beach.

Sex aside for the moment - the beach is stunning. Some 50 yards from waters edge to dunes the sand is golden, clean and punctuated with the prettiest shells. The sea, which was still quite cold in late May, tapers out very slowly and you need to be almost 70 yards or more out to swim. It makes it perfect to stroll into the water to cool off or wash off.

Mornings at the beach are quite uneventful. People are bathing naked (virtually everyone) and you will see young and old, big and small and everything in between. Things that you will see lots of; cockrings of all descriptions, piercings, the odd transvestite. Thing you will rarely see include pubic hair or openly gay activity (no prejudice here, we just didn’t see any and we though you might wish to know).

From lunch onwards, the effects of the sun and some midday drinks seem to spark people into action. Mutual masterbation between couples is extremely common. Oral sex is also seen everywhere and people will be having sex in isolated pockets. We only saw one or two group sex (threesomes and foursomes) during our weekend and these did gather lots of watches, all single males. The single males will come in quite close when watching but seem to never touch unless invited to.

We played several times together on the beach over the four days. Adjacent couples would watch without comment or overtly appearing interested. One or two single males would place their towel some two or three feet away and slowly play with themselves watching us. They never spoke to us or tried to make physical contact. When we stopped they’d most often get up and walk off to find the next show.

We didn’t enter the dunes on this visit so we can’t tell you much about that.

Beach Summary: you can’t get lost. It’s obvious to find the zone. There are bars on and near the beach so drinks, food and toilets is no problem. Food and drink is reasonable.

You can do most anything on the beach. People are really very respectful of one another. Nobody is pushy or invasive. 99% of people are naked, but don’t care much if you are not.

If you enjoy playing in public or watching people play in public, this is a paradise. If you are put off but naked middle aged, elderly or fatter people, you might not enjoy this, or learn to look at the sea.

Around the Village by Day.

First up - yes, you will see people in all the shops naked, including the supermarket. The staff will mostly be dressed but aren’t interested that you aren’t.

There’s lots of shops of all sorts around the community. We’d guess about 40 outlets between the different area. Everything you need is in the village.

If you go to a shop, bar or restaurant most of the customers will be naked or near naked.

Common options for being “just about naked”

Males: some males where a light sash across their waste which partly obscured their bits - it’s also comfortable to sit on too when in a bar. Swim shorts are very common (not long board shorts- they never took off in France). T-shirts are common without anything below the waste. Overridingly though, most chaps were naked.

Female: Fully naked is common, very common. A really good and popular option is a crochet short dress. Commonly black or white lace or rope materiel this seemed a good way to decorate the naked form. If you don’t own one, there’s a myriad of shops selling them for 20 Euro or more. They are very sexy and would be the outfit of choice in terms of daywear. During our visit Mrs wore a white chiffon beach dress with nothing under it. Proved a great option and by day two she was only wearing it for sun protection.

Tip 3 - if you want to feel like you fit-in, Ladies get a knitted or laced short dress with nothing under it. 70% of women wore this by day. Gentlemen, use the sash option or a pair of short shorts (running shorts length) or go fully naked.

While we’re on “Around the Village by Day” here’s some tips on the layout of the village. Aside from the camp site and a few other buildings like Hotels Natureva and Oz, the village is dominated by three massive building complexes; Port Ambonne (circular grey building), Heliopolis (circular magnolia building) and Port Nature (long magnolia building). Heliopolis is virtually exclusive apartment accommodation and has little or no shops. The other two are complexes which contain some shops, restaurants and businesses. Port Ambonne has two or three hard to find entrances and in here you’ll find the key essentials like a bank, an ATM, supermarket, wine shop, bakery etc. Here you will also find the Sauna and Sex Cinema tugged away in the arcade area. Port Nature has a good selection of shops and bars within its retail area.

There appears to be circuit that people follow which runs through Port Ambonne, out onto the bars that front the marina, then through the retail section of Port Nature and then down the straight boulevard between Port Nature and the restaurant Waiki Beach. At the end of this straight you’ll find the clubs Tantra and La Glamour as well as other bars and restaurants.

Around the Village by Night

A worthwhile point to remember here is that you are in the continent, and dining out starts that hour or so later. We found that eating after 8pm suits better so that you are leaving your table at 10pm or later is the best option.

Most ladies are in either sexy normal dress that you’d see in any town or city or something more revealing such as a transparent dress, fishnet outfit, ultra short dress/skirt. Even more risqué outfits are plentiful with bra and knicker sets with stockings and outfits with fully exposed breasts. If you still are sure what to wear as a lady, or if you want to tip up your wardrobe with a few sexy garm’s you have an endless choice of shops in the naturist village to choose from. At a guess, there’d be more than ten outlets dedicated to sexy outfits in Nd around the nudist bars.

Men go for smart casual, and you will see one or too men going for the classic euro-sexy type leather outfit (BDSM-esq). The crowds are made up of a small number of transvestites which make the evening more carnival like and lift the place with lots of people posing for photographs with the more extravagantly dress individuals.

There are at least twenty restaurants in the village, most are good or better and there’s a full range of cuisine. Prices are reasonable for food and drink in the bars and restaurants and service, which can be a bit slow, is good.

The atmosphere in the bars isn’t overtly sexual but definitely friendly and welcoming. There’s a sense of safety and community and the fact that the average age of patrons is slightly higher than other European resorts mean that you won’t see loud brash groups of people falling over drunk. People’s behaviour is first class.

Nightclubs in Cap

In the time that we were in Cap we went to two of the established night clubs; Tantra and La Glamour. Both the clubs are at the beach end of the village where you’ll also find some of the better restaurants.

Tip 4 - The clubs in Cap offer an “entrance + drinks (2 or 4)” package. Take this offer every time because drinks aren’t cheap here.


This is tucked away a little bit at the end of one of the boulevards, not easy to find during the day but easily found at night because of their LED sign off the main Boulevard, and the fact that it attracts a lot of people there.

The club is a very smart two storey building with a dance floor area on the ground floor where you will find the bar. This area could be any night club in the world. Beyond the dance floor is a corridor that leads to a play area for couples and singles. It’s quite small with two ‘play booths’ and an area where there are two play beds. There’s a good number of males here watching the action and waiting for an invite to join.

Up the Stair you arrive at another communal area where singles and couples can be together on two large four poster beds and a long bench seat facing the beds for watching or playing. This isn’t as popular as the area down stairs but still there was action.

Turning left at the top of the stairs take you to the couples only area which has its own bar. This was really busy and is very smart with while leather seating and large leather clad beds. There was lots of action here right from the get go. Interestingly they are really keen for shoes not to tear the leather upholstery, so either keep your shoes off or keep footwear in the air or on the floor - there’s a guy how moves your feet off the bed as you play.

The place is spotless and there are one or two security staff at junction between couples and singles areas. The drinks are expensive but you can buy a whole bottle of spirits and they will keep it exclusively yours night after night - could be a good option for a week long stay.

La Glamour

This building is spectacular inside and out. Located on the beachfront, it’s got a very slick look and feel to it. You get a real sense of arrival in the lobby area which is really modern and tasteful. Beyond the reception you enter the night club area of the venue and it’s a first class experience in every respect. People are quite well dressed and there’s an air of sophistication without the sense of arrogance. The bathrooms on the main floor are something to behold and there’s also a shower room with towels aplenty.

The play areas are down a crescent stairs to a lobby with a staff member that directs you to the couples play area on your right or couples and singles on the left.

The couples area is a bit of a rabbit warren lit with red lighting, subtly but enough light to see. There’s large play rooms, small alcoves and the odd dark chamber. As the night wore on the entire area got very busy and there was lots of couples playing and lots of people wandering and watching.

The area accessible to males was smaller but similar in style. On the night we went there it was quite quiet in her but there were several groups playing as threesomes and moresomes.

The drinks are the club we’re again expensive but as with Tantra, there were package deals to be had.


We really enjoyed the place, probably more than we thought we might have.

Sunbathing naked on a public beach was much more liberating than either of us anticipated (by the way, until last year Mrs had never been topless). Having sex and being intimate on a public beach is also very sexy, especially when others around you are doing the same.

Being naked in a public street environment doesn’t take longer me to get used to when everyone around you is doing the same. Equally, being semi or fully clothed in Cap isn’t going to cause a stir or offend people.

Despite the fact that the agenda at Cap is sex and nudity, nobody presumes anything and everyone is very well behaved to one another. Men aren’t harassing women and couples and making friendly conversation with a stranger isn’t taken to mean sex is being instigated.

Cap is expensive. It would appear that it’s Europe’s only Swinger resort on this sort of scale, therefore its over subscribed and accommodation costs reflect this. It is possible to economise and most accommodation options are self catering arrangements and people make picnics up for the beach to keep cost at a more manageable level.

Go out late. Set your body clock back a few hours if you want to get the most action at Cap. Lay in each morning and get to the beach at or around lunch time. Watch, play and rest at the beach before going back to your place for an afternoon snack before going out to dinner quite late (9pm or later). The clubs are open until dawn and were still busy at 3am.

We loved Cap and we’ll be returning next year for sure.