Written by The Doc

29 Jan 2009

A few years ago I was working as a GP in an Army medical centre in Germany. I was in the Army holding the rank of major and really enjoying my 3-year posting. I was in my final year and awaiting news of my next move. I was accompanied by my wife Steph who worked as a nurse in a medical centre in another barracks on the other side of town. She is highly professional and takes her role seriously, but also enjoys a bit of fun with the other girls at work. Around this time a new battalion joined the brigade and were accommodated in Steph's barracks. One of the new young officers was apparently very good looking, fit and quite a flirt with the girls. They used to argue about who would see him when he came in so they could flirt back. I am sure Steph participated but I had no reason to suspect anything despite the teasing she gave me about her young captain.

During the summer we attended the annual summer ball which is quite an occasion. Good food and entertainment and a chance to catch up with friends. We had a great meal and then got up and started to circulate among the other guests whilst the drink flowed. The inevitable happened and before long the boys congregated together and started the inevitable chat about declining standards, how hard it was in their day and most importantly the team selection for the upcoming world cup. After a while Steph said she was getting chilly and was going into the bar with her friend Kim. I kissed her and told her I would be in soon - unlikely she replied! We stayed chatting for some time before I noticed Kim heading for the dance floor with another of her friends. I asked her where Steph was and she said she was in the bar chatting to a group of friends. I excused myself from the group and went in to look for her in the bar. She was no-where to be seen. I checked the dance floor, dining room and then the bar again - no no avail. I then went through the bar to the ladies and asked someone if she could see if Steph was in there - again no. I was about to walk back out and then thought i would check upstairs where the coats were to see if she was getting a shawl to keep out the cold - again no sign. I was about to go back downstairs when I heard a faint noise along the corridor - unlikely but i thought I should check. As i walked along the corridor I heard whispering and I became intrigued. Then I recognised Steph's voice saying I just can't that's why. I was about to call out but I thought I would see who she was chatting to. I moved closer and then recognised the young captains voice. One kiss he asked and then we can go downstairs. I don't know, to this day why i did not burst in but I wanted to see what she did and how she would reject him. They were in the snooker room and I moved into the TV room next door where I could see through the folding partition door. I looked through and they were so close I was sure they were going to see or hear me - literally a couple of feet away.

Again she said no and that it was not right but he persisted saying that one kiss was her passport to freedom. I waited for her to say no and leave but after some more whispering she surprised me saying one kiss and then we go, yes? He agreed and I watched steph slowly lean forward and kiss this handsome young man. It started slowly but as the kissed it grew more urgent and their tongues moved into each other mouths. Twice he put his hand onto her breast and twice she removed it - however on the second occasion he held her hand and slid it down to his groin. She moved it away but not as quickly as she might. She broke off the kiss and and said i think we should go down before we do something we both regret. I won't regret it he said, I have fancied you since the day I arrived, that's why i kept reporting sick.

He leaned ion again and they kissed once more - again deeply. His hand moved onto her breast and this time she did not remove it and he massaged her firm breasts. Slowly he slid a hand into her ball gown and made contact with her naked flesh - she has small breasts but so sensitive and I could hear her breathing change as her excitement grew. He then eased off the shoulder straps and exposed her breasts before moving her head down to lick and suck them. As he sucked on them he rummaged with his own clothing and then again took her hand. He guided it down and she closed her fingers around his firm cock - not huge but a good size and looked so solid. She moved her hand up and down wanking him gently as he sucked her breasts. He then slid his hand up her gown and started to explore her. I could see her hold ups and his hand moving into her knickers starting to finger her pussy. This carried on for a while before he eased her backward onto a chair moving quickly to kiss her again - almost as if she may stop him if there was a pause. he then knelt between her legs kissing her and sucking he rbreasts as his fingers continued to explore her pussy. She had her back to me and her head was only a few inches from my face - watching their every move. He kissed lower before easing her knickers off completely and then I heard that familiar moan as his tongue made contact with her pussy. He licked her and started to suck on her sensitive clit and I could hear her panting and moaning - her hands on his head pulling him in deeper as he fucked her cunt with his tongue. What a sight - she was slumped in a chair, her gown pulled down at the top exposing her breasts, her gown hitched up at the bottom exposing her pussy and him in his mess dress kneeling between her thighs licking her pussy. I could tell from her breathing she was nearing orgasm and he sensed it too. He stopped and stood in front of her and there was a long pause as he dropped his trousers having to release braces to do so. and then I saw his firm cock sticking out inches from her face. The pause made me wonder if she was considering stopping - but I was amazed to see her lean forward and take his hard cock into her mouth. From behind i could see her head moving as she sucked him in front of my eyes. She took him in deeply - and I heard her wet mouth moving on his erection. He held her head, not forcefully but encouraging her to take him into her mouth. He moved his hips slowly fucking her mouth as she moaned quietly. He too started to get sensitive and so she stopped and moved back in the chair opening her legs wide. Again he knelt and she reached down and took his hard cock guiding it into her wet cunt. he buried himself to the hilt and started to move backward and forward - i could not believe that 2 foot away I was watching my wife get fucked by a young stud. And this was fucking - not lovemaking. he pushed hard into her and then worked just the tip teasing before slamming in again. It was not long and I knew she was close - her breathing quickened, she murmured yes yes and suddenly went rigid pulling him inside her so he could not move and came on his hard cock - a massive orgasm. As it subsided he started to move inside her again - but once she has had a big orgasm she takes time to recover - I knew! not inside me she moaned getting him to stand before kneeling in front of him. They were sideways on to me now and I watched her take him into her mouth again - she likes her own taste and she sucked him deeply taking him deep into her mouth. After a time his breathing changed and he gripped her head - you had better be careful he warned politely - but she sucked harder. He went rigid and I saw her cheeks bulge as he exploded into her mouth filling it with hot spunk. She swallowed again and again not spilling a drop. He stayed in her mouth until his cock softened and she removed it - licking off the last couple of drops of spunk. Then he pulled her up and kissed her hard again.

She then pulled away and started to quickly get dressed, and he followed suit. Please don't tell anyone she said and he assured of his discretion saying the sleeping with another officer's wife would result in being asked to resign. This can never, never happen again she said firmly. They adjusted their clothes and she said I'll go down first and you follow me in a few minutes and she left. After 2-3 minutes he followed and I, in my stunned state, went down trying to decide what I wanted to do. I went out via the fire exit and re-joined the group I had been talking to - still discussing rugby! Shortly afterwards she appeared and said she was ready to go. We excused ourselves and got our coats heading home. I could not decide whether to confront her but when we got home I decided to wait and see if she said anything. After a bath we went to bed and she fucked me like she had not done for many years - doing everything she knew I liked and really trying to please me. The following morning she made tea before sucking me to completion and telling me she loved me.

To this day I have not told her, or anyone what I saw. I have re-lived it mentally many times and wanked as I thought about it. To the best of my knowledge she has never strayed again and she just seemed to need to get it out of her system. Since it happened she has been more attentive and adventurous indulging in role play and going to adult cinemas. So maybe the whole thin benefited us both.