Written by David

14 May 2017

Having recently advertised my wife' scar for sale after a few weeks I received a call from a female asking if it was still for sale. After discussing everything about the car she said that she might be interested, but lived in Norfolk so to get to view the car would be a 500 mile trip. After swopping more details, she agreed to come up to view/buy the car. Initially she was going to come up with her brother, but got let down last minute and obviously couldn't drive two cars back home at the same time. I suggested taking the train and offered to pick her up from the station, which she thanked me and accepted.

On the day I made my way to the station and parked up outside. About 10 minutes before the train was due to arrive the lady that I now knew was called Claire text me to say that the train was on time and she was wearing a floral summer dress. At this time I thought nothing about the dress, but that was all about to change!

Just after 11am I noticed a young girl walking up the hill towards where I was parked. All I could see was the figure of a beautiful girl with long blonde hair, surely this wasn't Claire. It was a hot day and I had my front windows down. The next thing I knew was the girl with the long blonde hair was at the passenger door slightly leaning through asking if she had the right person, to which I replied, "yes". As she leant over her ample breasts started to spill out of her low cut summer dress and it looked as if she didn't have a bra on either. Not that I stared at all!, that would be so rude.

She opened the door and got in. As she manoeuvred into the seat her light cotton fabric dress rode up slightly to reveal the most gorgeous legs I have seen for a long while. I am late 40's and this girl was early/mid twenties. The passenger side seat belt often sticks and as she tried to pull it around her it stuck. I apologised and said it's always doing that. To which, without hesitation I leant across her to adjust the belt. As I did this she wriggled forward and I was soon felt her full breasts against my body, which was such a lovely feeling. Belted up and ready to go we introduced ourselves to each other and shortly set off on the 30 minute drive to my house. I lived at home with my wife and kids, but on this day they were all out until early evening. I couldn't believe my luck an hour ago I was doing paperwork now I had a beautiful girl in her mid 20's sat next to me in a very skimpy summer dress. Claire was 5ft8", size 10 with long slender legs and I'd say 34C or 34D natural boobs.

As we were driving my eyes would often drift to look at Claire, she was beautiful and my heart had started to race and I had started to think what she would look like with the dress off. This was starting to have an effect on my lower regions and I could feel my cock starting to stir.

Where I live is in the middle of the countryside and having now turned off the main road we were on open country lanes. Out of the blue Claire then mentioned the price of the car and said that although in principle we had agreed the price, would I be prepared to sell it for a little less. I explained that it was my wife's car and that we couldn't really go any lower. To which she then replied that she had seen the way I had been eyeing her up and down in the passenger seat and had noticed the slight bulge in my crotch. "Is there anything I can offer you to reduce the price a little?", she then started to undo the buttons on her dress to reveal that she was not wearing a bra. Her lovely soft natural boobs spilt out and looked fantastic with the sun on them through the windscreen. I nearly crashed the car, but commented that I think I needed to pull over so that we could discuss safely. I started to slow down and look for a field/somewhere quiet to pull in, as I did this I could see that Claire had undone all the buttons on her dress and had started to remove her knickers, which she then threw in my direction.

By now I was rock hard and Claire was wasting no time, she was tugging at my trousers to undo my fly. Flustered and excited I pulled into a field entrance and parked out of view. This complete stranger was sat in my car completely naked, looking at me with puppy eyes, whilst tugging my trousers down. She asked if we had a deal and I said that I am sure we could work a better price out. My trousers came off and she grasped at my cock saying that she was desperate for a fuck and loved fucking outside. She stood up walked around to my side of the car, grabbed my hand and led me into the field. We lay in the long grass and she started to play with my cock,, she liked my cock and said that her boyfriend only had a small one. Her skin was so soft, her breasts were perfect and after a few minutes I found her sitting on top of me riding my cock as her breasts swung in my face. Sheer bliss, she was so wet and it was all like a dream. She started to orgasm and shouted out keep fucking me, which I did harder and deeper. She came and it wasn't long before I came, and god did I cum. I never thought I would stop, Claire gripped my cock with her tight pussy and milked every last drop, it was fantastic.

We lay there, Claire on top of me and the sweet smell of her body and her lips nuzzling my neck started to excite me again.

She was quick to notice this and started to wank me until I was fully erect and gave me one of the best blowjobs I have ever had.

She was now aware that my wife wouldn't be back for 6 hours+ so suggested we continue to my house where she had a nice surprise for me. I thought I had already had the surprise! She teased me and said I would have to wait!