Written by Cuck2007

10 Sep 2007

David was Sues first bull and was with him she would do anything. We were out for a drink one night when he turned up unexpectedly. He joined us and after Sue had had a few glasses of wine she told me that she was going with David for a good seeing to.

He was up for it, in more ways than one, so I drove down quiet country roads until I finally found a secluded spot. David had been in the back seat but, as soon as I parked he opened his door and we swopped places.

They did'nt waste much time and, after a bit of kissing and fumbling, they both stripped off. Sue looked very shaggable with her large tits getting sucked by David as she wanked his 8 inch cock, that she knew so well. As usual he insisted on riding her bareback and she loved the danger in this. He reclined the passenger seat and got on top of her. She raised her legs to accept his cock and was so wet that he slipped right up her.

He started to grunt and pump her with long slow strokes.It was at this point that he noticed I had my cock in hand and was wanking as I watched. They both thought it would be fun if I was outside looking in at them as they fucked.

So I did as I was told and watched Sues tits bounce as David rode her like a demon. Then I saw him withdraw and raise her slightly higher. He smeared the juices from her cums around her asshole and started to push his cock up her ass.

I was sure she would stop him as she had never even spoken of that type of thing to me. However, she gazed up at him adoringly as he slipped up her ass surprisingly easily. I went round to the drivers door and climbed in the front beside them, still wanking.

He was really fucking her ass now and she was squealing with enjoyment as she came again and again. Suddenly he started to cum and pulled out of her ass to shoot all over her stomach and tits.

They made me give them my shirt to wipe themselves off and then we finally drove David home.