Written by Frank

14 Jul 2008

After a couple of months break the weather was finally warm enough for Sue and I to visit our favourite spot in the sandhills near where we live. As usual I watched as Sue got ready and dressed up in her slutty schoolgirl outfit. White blouse unbuttoned nearly to her naval, tiny black skirt, fishnet stockings and a tiny black thong. Her makeup was thickly applied and she looked gorgeous. I drove us down to the sandhills in my van and parked up in the dark car park.After a while a big four by four entered the park and stopped next to us. A few minutes passed by with no movement from the guy so Sue switched on the interior light and slipped off her top coat. The other vehicle was higher than us so he could look down on us and I reached over and slipped my hand inside her blouse and fondled her firm tits. Immediately he opened his door and looking across Sue could see him playing with his big hard cock. She got out of the van and went to his car and took his rigid cock in her hands and started to wank him slowly. As I watched he let his hand slip inside her blouse and onto her tits, pinching her nipples until they were erect. I moved out of the van and went behind Sue. I lifted her skimpy skirt and eased her thong off her cunt and found her hot slippery hole and entered her. Sue was shaking and moaning and then I became aware of another guy joining us and he quickly opened her blouse fully and exposed her firm tits. I eased my cock out of her cunt and immediately the young lad dropped to his knees and to my amazement he took my cock in his mouth and started to suck me deep into his throat. Sue was still wanking him off and suddenly he stiffened and shot great sticky spurts of come all over the place. Sue turned and took the young lads cock in her hands and although he tried to resist she was too good for him and he came too.

We all tidied ourselves up and then Sue and I wandered off along the footpath. After a few minutes we came to a picnic bench where there were three black guys standing around. Sue tightened her grip on my hand so we wandered over and straight away she dropped to her knees and unzipped one of the guys and eased out a lovely massive rock hard cock and sucked it deep into her throat. The other guys knelt beside her and soon their hands were all over her body. fondling her tits and slipping into her thong and finding her wet hole. They lifted her to her feet and laid her on the bench. Eager hands opened her blouse and were all over her tits and into her thong, one of them starting to lick her soaking wet cunt. Sue started to come immediately and you could have heard her for miles. The guy looked at me and when I nodded he opened her legs wide and eased his cock into her cunt and rammed it in and out of her as his mate sucked her nipples. I reached over and closed my fingers around another black cock and built up a fast hard rhythm. It was another big black cock and I wanked him in time to the guy thrusting his cock up Sue. Sue was in heaven and once again she exploded into another lovely come as I managed to make the other lad shoot his load all over her heaving tits. Shortly after I and the other lad wanked our come all over her tits and we all massaged it into her to end a perfect night.