Written by Cunnilingual

8 Dec 2012

I had driven the A303 West and pulled in to a service area (Cartgate).

I knew there was bi/gay action in the toilets and had seen cars parked in the darker shadows previously with guys in them. I drove heart pounding to the sarker, quieter area and parked. I looked right and left but could not attract the attention of either of the guys in adjacent cars and didn't know the protocols so sat nervously waiting for something to happen.

After a while a guy walked casually up to my open drivers side window.

"What are you looking for?" he said.

"Wank maybe suck?" I mumbled in reply and he gestured me to his Bmw parked nearby.. I climbed into the front passenger seat and noticed the seat was back and reclined already.

He got in the drivers side and immediately pulled down his tracksuit bottoms and exposed a semi erect cock.

I was so turned on I threw caution to the wind and did likewise, stroking my growing member as I watched him. I surprised myself by leaning over and sucking his cock - something I hadn't done before but always fantasised about. He surprised me by licking his fingers of his left hand and reaching down to stroke the crack of my arse with them.

I was so turned on - I had long fantasised about being fucked but it had never even come close to happening. I continued to suck his cock - enjoying his work on my arse too much to stop.

After a while I sat back and he leant over and started to suck me. He used his right fingers now to circle my ring as he sucked me and then started to insert a finger then two in to my bottom. I cannot explain how a massive tingling / buzz ran through my body and I found myself jerking and spurting in to his mouth within seconds.

I felt awkward and embarrassed and we went our seperate ways shortly afterwards. To my shame I didn't finish him off.

I have fantasised about him endlessly since and cursed my self for not getting his contact details - I'm sure he would have been willing to take me completely given the opportunity.

I fantasise about surrendering myself completely to a guy but being unable to accomodate seems to be the biggest obstacle to that. In the meantime I park in the dark part of service areas hoping for a repeat and perhaps more.