Written by Davejulie

13 May 2010

Hi Julie here, we have just stayed last weekend in a caravan park in North Wales just near Rhyl it was meant to be a relaxing weekend as i have done 3 full 10hour days working in a hospital (nurse). As we was outside are caravan sitting having a drink about 3pm a car pulled up next to our caravan and 3 young guys got out ages between 27-33?

they unloaded their car and waved at Dave and i, i had a short skirt on and a tank top figure hugging and no bra as i know they could tell as i seen them peeking out the window, i started to imangin what it would fell like to just walk in there caravan and suck each one off (had me wet thinking).

As it was getting to 5:30pm we went inside and made something to eat Dave asked if i fancied the club on the site tonight a said yes to him and also said i hope them guys where going to be there he knew then that i wanted a good night, he got hard there and then and offered his cock to his mouth witch i sucked and fucked i was moaning load hoping the guys could her us.

9pm arrived and of we went to the club looking around i could not see the so we had a few drinks and danced it was about 11pm Dave went to the bar and then i notice 1 guy standing next to dave waiting to be served so i look aroud eagerly to see the other 2 and they was sittin near are table. I kept making eye contact with them until Dave came back he said them guys are in i said i've seen them. About 15 mins later i went to the toilets and on the way back i got talking to on of the guys Paul he was fit he said how long we was down for just the weekend he smile and said a dirty weekend i said am hoping with that he told me him and the others could hear us earlier on i went i little red but hornier, i told him if he h eard any more noisiers give us a knock he laught. Iwent back to our table and dave was sat there with the other 2 guys chating, they called last orders and we all went bak to there caravan for fun they all took turns to fuck me spitroast me triple fuck dp dv, if you want the details and i can put part 2 up hear but am sure you know the rest xxx Julie & Dave