Written by Bren

19 Sep 2017

Well what a fun weekend it was in the caravan, I have to be honest and say that i was away with the wife and some extra curricular fun was the furthest from my mind, i was looking forward to a relaxing weekend away from everything, how wrong could i be.

My wife does not know I am on here she is very staid and old fashioned when it comes to sex and anything outside the bedroom is taboo as far as she is concerned despite many attempts by myself over the years, to try and change her mind.

We had arrived and set up as usual me doing all he outside bits (awning, water and waste etc) while she did the inside.

We finished setting up and i went to have a shower, this was a new site for us and there were the usual male and female shower blocks but this also had another block of "family" showers. A block with larger cubicles that couples/families could use, well as you do i thought i would check out all the different places and looking inside the family block there were 3 large cubicles 2 were open and one was in use, this all looked very nice and was clean, as i was about to leave i could hear from the occupied cubicle the unmistakable sounds of a couple obviously having some fun but trying to be discreet, but the sharp intakes of breath and the low moans made it quite obvious as to what was happening, i closed the outer door with a bang, the moans stopped and they were probably listening, i stayed very quiet and then heard a female voice saying "they've gone" very soon the moans and groans started again i could hear her getting very wet, by this time my cock had hardened and my hands were inside my shorts as this was such a horny sound, i couldn't help but play with myself, the more they played the bolder i got and i soon had my cock out and was wanking for all my worth, what then happened inside the cubicle i don;t know but they must have overbalanced and hit the door, well the door sprung open and they both fell through to see me with my cock in my hand, I quickly put my cock away and sheepishly left the area.

The following day i was re-filling the water hog and stood next to me was the guy from the showerblock, he looked at me and grinned, "did you enjoy listening to us yesterday" i ummed and erred somewhat but he carried on " you looked as though you were enjoying yourself" he smiled. "the wife and i had even more fun last night thinking of you listening to us" he carried on. I was getting more embarrassed until he said "would you have preferred to watch"? i dumbly nodded.

he the pointed out their caravan and invited me to come over that afternoon, nothing confirmed but he said he thought i would enjoy it if i turned up.

Well after filling the water and getting back to our van i asked the wife what she wanted to do that day, she said that all she wanted this weekend was to chill and do nothing just relax, I said i fancied going for a walk but she simply said you do that its OK she would be happy staying in the van.

Come 2 o'clock i had changed into my walking boots and was ready to go, it being a fine day i didnt need all my walking gear so kissed her on the cheek and set off (only as far as the other side of the site to the van i had been invited to). I gingerly knocked on the van as they had a large awning. the zip opened and he was there dressed in his shorts, the same grin on his face, "you came then" as he ushered me in, "if you want to come into the van you will definitely have to lose the walking gear" he stated, the curtains on the awning were all drawn and i was soon dressed as he in my shorts, i looked as i got in and his wife was laying on the sofa naked and playing with a small vibrator, buzzin away against her clit, she looked and said "get your cock out again then" in no time at all i was as naked as she was and my cock was standing to attention, from behind me he said "you got off on listening to us in the shower then?" I had to admit that it was a very horny thing knowing what they were doing and them not knowing i was listening, "well this time we want you to see whats going on" he walked past me and went straight down on her moving the vibrator and replacing this with his tongue, she was looking at me and very soon was in the throws of her first orgasm, by this time i had my cock in my hand and had started to wank again, he then flipped her onto all fours and entered her doggy style, they were fucking but both looking at me, go on she said wank that cock, "yes" he joined in "we want to see you cum as we fuck" their chat carried on as they fucked and i couldnt hold it much longer and soon felt myself start to cum, dont spill it he said catch it in you hand and as i did so he came inside her, what a horny sight, i'm stood there with a hand full of cum naked with my cock slowly subsiding as he withdraws from her ..................... that was the start of a great afternoon