Written by jane

18 Mar 2010

hi my name is jane i am married, size 10 - 12 with a big firm bust long legs and tanned ,i am 40 but can easily pass for 10 years younger ,anyhow back to this story.

i work at a care home and last week i was asked to swop to a different part , the girl didnt get on with some one. anyhow i had to go to one oldmans room ,bill . i had never met him before but after a while i found out he was 76 years old and his wife had died 18 years ago. he is quite big about 15 stone and about 6 foot ,it was time for his bath so i told him to get in as i had run it , he went to the bathroom and while he was there i had a look around . i found he had a few girly mags showing girls in little skirts and shaved pussies ,some of the pages were stuck together so i knew he had been wanking on them . i heard a noise in the bathroom so i went in and was shocked when i saw bill , he was laid back in the bath wanking a massive cock it is a good 8 to 10 inches. i left quickly and went back to work . later at home i was in the bath ,i started touching myself and for some reason i shaved my pussy smooth ,i lay back and started rubing and fingering myself thinking of bills cock ,i had an orgasm and found myself thinking of him fucking me and what it would feel like .

two days later i was getting ready for work , again in the bath i shaved and came thinking about his cock , so when i got dressed ,i put on a tiny skirt under my trousers ,no panties, i put a pair of high heels in a bag and went to work ,i was working the late shift 10 till 6am.

i had been at work about half hour and when it got quiet i went to bills room . i said to him why dont you have a bath as it is quiet and i will clean your room so he said ok. i heard him get in the bath and soon heard him , i peaked in and he was wanking again so i took off my trousers and put on my heels , the skirt was that short it just showed under my tunic. i walked into the bathroom and when he saw me he said fucking hell jane come here , i walked over and stood next to him , he took his cock in his left hand and put his right under my skirt wanking both of us , i started to come so told him ,he stood up and we went to his bed , he pushed me back got on top , so i reached for his cock and rubbed it on my pussy , but he said no , he slid down and started licking me , as he was ,he said take your top off, so as he licked me i stripped off till all i had on was my skirt and heels , he brought me to orgasm ,so i said please fuck me , he moved up and as he kissed my mouth and nipples , i guided him into me , he fucked me for a good 10 mins ,i came twice before he came , he didnt come in me he pulled out , came on me and in my mouth, i swallowed what i could , we lay in bed but i said i had to go back to work , i got dressed ,kissed him ,saying i will be back later. when every one was asleep i went back at 4 30 . we had sex again ,i let him fuck my ass and he watched me wank myself dressed in just my heels and skirt . i finished my shift and went home , went to bed and wanked myself to sleep.

since doing it i have bought 2 big dildos one i have at home the other at work in bills room