Written by cumslut

25 Mar 2007

my best mate debs and her hubby have just moved away from the area due to his job, but debs was very worried about leaving her elderly father. He lives in sheltered housing, is a fairly fit 80 yr old who still loves his garden and keeps active, but she felt bad about not being there for him. In the end I suggested that i would pop in a few times a week to make sure he was OK which seemed to make her feel ok.

I kept my word and started to pop in on saturday mornings, and a couple of evenings after work. I didnt stay long just had a cuppa and made sure he was ok...but after a while we chatted more and more. One evening I went round and was really tired after a long stressful day at work. He made me a cuppa and suggested I put my feet up on the sofa and relax. So i slipped my shoes off and did as I was told. As i moved my legs my skirt rode up and showed my panties. The old boy grinned and said he liked what he saw. I joked and said he was a dirty old man and that he must have a good memory....we bantered a bit and he said he might be too old to get a hard on but he bet he could still lick pussy for England.

I wasa bit shocked, but also a bit turned on...our chat got naughtier and naughtier....with him asking me what I enjoyed sexually, how often my husband fucked me etc....and i found myself telling him everything including how my husband loved to shave my pussy for me. The old man grinned and said he'd love to see that...and so, with nervous hands I pulled up my skirt and pulled my knickers to one side exposing my smooth shaven quim.

He sat in the arm chair opposite and gazed at my pussy - then asked if he could touch it....so I stood up ...and slowly stripped off my skirt, blouse, bra and panties until I was completely naked. then standing next to the arm chair I let this old man run his hands all over my body. His old fingers stroked my pussy lips so I stood with my legs wider apart, and he slipped 2 fingers into my wet cunt.

I started to moan and squeezed my tits...he took his fingers out and sucked them...telling me how wonderful my pussy juice tasted. He sat back in the arm chair and told me to climb on...putting one knee on the arm each side my legs were spread wide - my cunt just inches from his face. I held on to the back of the chair as he started to lick my clit. His old hands pulled my bum forward as he lapped at my juices, burying his face inbetween my legs

I started to move my hips - grinding my cunt into the old mans face...I could feel his tongue working deeper and deeper - my juices were flowing down his chin as he lapped away..I was in heaven

He pulled my arse cheeks apart, and slipped his fingers into my cunt from behind as he sucked my clit, then as I moaned loudly he used my juices to lube my arse and slowly started to slip a finger into my tight hole....all the time his tongue lapped at my clit and darted into my cunt. By now I was riding his fingers as they fucked deeper and deeper into my arse hole...I was pumping up and down on them ...grinding my cunt into the dirty old bastards face. i warned him that I was about to cum - and that sometimes i peed when I orgasmed so I moved my cunt off of his face....but with this news he just moaned and pulled my cunt hard onto his mouth and shoved another finger up my arse - fucking me harder and harder ....I couldn't hold back..I was bucking against his fingers....grinding my cunt against his face harder and harder...pinching my nipples and squeezing my tits as I felt my orgasm rise.......my whole body tensed as I reached my peak and the......with an unbeleivable force which made me scream out load I started to cum......I was like a wild animal bouncing harder and harder on the fingers up my arse....my cunt squirting cum and pee all over the old mans face as he pulled me harder and harder into his mouth - lapping up every last drop.

I collapsed over the back of the chair.......juices running down my legs as he gently coninued to stroke my arse hole ....I layed over him for about 10 minutes trying to get my breath back - all the time his tongue and fingers were softly stroking me until I was spent.

I climbed off and saw that the front of his shirt was soaked.......he grinned and said he loved it....with shakey legs I started to get dressed....and bent over to pick up my knickers.......mmm he said......come here and do that.......so I stood infront of him and bent over again....feeling his tongue lick my arse, then he kissed it saying......next time i would love to lick cum out of that.

I got home that night, showered and went to bed but was as horny as hell so I told my husband I needed a fuck.......as he fucked me I told him what the old man had done - it drove him wild and we fucked all night. In the morning I also told him what he said about licking cum out of my arse. This turned him on even more and without a word he flipped me over and shoved his cock deep into my arsehole...he didnt take long and I felt him grunt as he shot his load deep into my arse....mmmm it felt wonderful... I snuggled up to him for a cuddle afterwards but he just laughed and said........hadn't you better get round to see old Albert.....you dont want to dissapoint him do you?

And so there i was - 10o'clock on a saturday morning....kneeling on the sofa with an 80 yr old man's tongue up my arse lapping out my husbands cum

it sure beats going to Tesco :)