Written by Gentleman-Jim

18 Oct 2013

I often work from home and on those days I usually go down the gym and after a swim I usually end up in the spa pool. Over the months you get to meet people and one particular lady always nodded and smiled. She was late 50's overwieight with a lovely smile. One day she joined me in the spa pool and we got chatting. and she turned out to be a retired teacher single who lived on her own. She asked what I did for a living and I told her what I did and that I worked from home often. I am never one to shy away from an opportunity. So cheekily I told her that I had a part time job providing stress relief for mature ladies, she asked what that was. So I told her that I visited ladies in their homes and provided them with some company. She wanted to know more so I said that I would pop round have a cup of tea and a a chat and that some ladies liked me to give them a massage. She asked what I charged so I said £25 but always gave the first session free. She was intrigued and following a shower and change we met outside the gym. I gave her my number and said text me if you would like me to come around.

A few days passed and I got a text asking if I could und later that day. I texted back got the details, went and bought some massage oils and duly arrived at her's in the afternoon. We had a chat and she made me a cup of tea, she was obviously nervous. I said did she want a massage and she said she was not sure as she was overweight and frumpy. I reassured her and said anyway I have seen you in your swimsuit and think you look great. With that she took me through to her bedroom. I said if you want to take your clothes off but leave your bra and pants on that's fine and turned around while she got undressed. However I was able to watch her in the mirror. She had on a big pair of granny pants and one of those big old white bras. I told her to lay on her front and I asked here if she minded if i took my shirt off as I did not want to get massage oil on it. I started to massage her neck and shoulders and she complimentd me on how good it felt. I asked her if it was ok to undo her bra strap so I could massage the rest of her back and so she asked me to unclp it. I then proceeded to massage her back and she kept sighing. I then moved down to her legs and proceeded to massage her calfs and slowly worked up her thighs. She continued to purr like a cat. With every stroke I got further up the inside of her thighs starting to gently brush against her pussy. After a while I said did she want me to do her front. She said she did and when she turned over she was very red in the face. I then proceeded to do the front of her shoulders and she looked into my eyes and was biting her lip. Her bra was still covering her boobs and I said would you like me to do all your front to which she nodded. I lifted off her bra and proceeded to gently massage around her boobs just brushing each nipple in turn which started to grow in size. I then proceeded to move down to her legs and again massaged her thighs pushing into her big granny pants. I asked her if she would like me to remove them, again she just nodded. I then proceeded to continue to massage but straying ever further and brushing hard against her pussy. By this time my cock was strainging to get out. She then said that she had not been with a man for over 20 years and what I was doing felt good. I asked her if she would like me to go further and again she just nodded biting her lip. I then opend her legs and buried my face into her hairy soaking pussy and licked her until she was panting and grabbing the sheets on the edge of the bed. She then asked me if I would make love to her. I removed the rest of my clothes and laid on the bed beside her and kissed her with tongues probing. I then lay on my back and told her to sit on top of me, with that eased her self on to my rampant cock and she proceed to bounce up and down whilst I sucked her lovely tits. With in minutes she was panting and had an orgasm as I shot my load inside her. Afterwards we lay there and she thanked me very much and said how she did not realsie how much she had missed sex. I then showered and put my clothes on. She was waiting for me in her dresing gown and said she wanted to see me again and would it be possible. To which I replied of course but you will have to pay next time. She kissed me and said it would only be proper in order to keep it on a business footing. Since then I have visited her on 5 occaisions and on the last visit she confessed she had confided in a friend who would also like to try my services. Perhaps I am in the wrong job.