Written by Jay

12 Jan 2019

Well we had fantasied about Carla being dropped off at a house and me having to wait for her.

We have a MMF friend so we arranged for Carla to have a session with him on her own.

We drove to the town and met Ash in the car park, I never spoke to him, Carla jumped out with her bag with her out fit in it.

I sat in the car in the car park for an hour wondering what they were doing in the house. I suddenly got sent a picture and a short video of Carla sucking his big cock.

About an hour later she came back to the car with her stockings still on and her knee length boots in her bag. Outfit had been Stockings, Thigh Boots, Leather Skirt.

We started to drive home and on way I found out he had filled my naughty wife’s pussy with his cum, I had given her a condom but this was a massive turn on to hear this.

We got home and Carla went up stairs and lay on the bed playing with her well used pussy, I went up and watched then she told me what had happened, we were both extremely horny. Suddenly she got up and walked round the bed and sat on my face and made me lick her pussy while she sucked my hard cock. Very erotic and horny to be licking her pussy an hour after Ash had been screwing my Hot Wife. I quickly filled her mouth with Cum as she rubbed her pussy on my face. It tasted so nice. True Story