Written by analalan

30 Jan 2008

i met carol in a nightclub, and we hit it off,end of the night i asked if i could walk her home,she replyed that i could walk them both home,cus she had her friend staying over, so off we set, her friend walked ahead leaving me and carol to stop and kiss and grop each other on the way, we passed a phonebox and i pulled her inside and started heavy kissing and petting,putting my hand in her panties and finger fucking her pussy,i turned her around to get a grips with her arse and pulled her panties down below her cheeks, unzipping my flys i got out my cock and rubbed it up and down her bum crack , she told me i had no chance of getting it up there, so i pushed it in her pussy and fucked her box in a phone box filling it with my 1st load of the night,we walked on and got to carols, to find her friend already on the sofa under some covers,boots n jeans on the floor, we said goodnight and went upstairs,we both undressed each other and got on the bed,i fingered her wet pussy, and she played with me cock, once it was hard we fucked hard and fast, before stopping so she could have a fag, i told her i was all sweatie and needed a shower, not havin one she said we could have a bath together, so off we went, we sat in the bath and talked about the night,her toes playing with my cock in the water, soon it was hard again i pulled her up and kissed her and then moved down to her tits,then turning her around i tolder her to bend over and grab the taps, which she did showing off her cute bum, i went down and licked her pussy then her bum hole, she said no, that shouldnt , so standing up i pushed my cock into her already fucked pussy and filled it again, we dried each other off and got into bed.i was still horny so i played with her clit while sucking her tits , all the while she was moaning , we fell asleep, i woke up needing a pee, so slipping into carols silk dressing gown from behind the door i went to pee, passing the bedroom i noticed carol was still fast asleep ,so walked downstairs to get a drink of water, i looked in on her friend who was sat watching tv,she said that we had kept her awake, with all the noise, i gave her a smile and said she should have joined in , she said we wish she could have,she had to make do with a finger fuck on herself.i smile and she smile back and asked in i got it up carols bum in the end, she had heard the lot,i then thought why not , so i moved over and undid the gown and told her that it had not been up carols bum , she reached over wanked me then closed her mouth over mt cock, i was soon hard again she stood up and i kissed her, then turning her around pushed her over the arm of the sofa and slipped my cock into the second pussy of the night.i fucked her quick telling her to be quiet, she pushed a pillow in her mouth to bite on i emptied my sack into her pussy,she thanked my saying she now knew what carol was moaning about, i went back upstairs and got back into bed and fell a sleep, carol woke me up with her hands all over my sore cock, she went down to kiss and suck it hard, she said that she had changed her mind she wanted it up her bum , but i would need some lube, i asked if she had any , she pointed to the dresser saying i could use the baby oil, i went over and walked back my cock bobbin as i walked, she turned over got on all 4s and gave my her cute bum with its tight hole, i oiled her hole finger fucking it, the holding my knob to her hole i pushed she gave out a great cry has i pushed it in pushing all the way in , god was it tight,i fucked her bum for ages, she was moaning more and was now pushing back to meet me , i started to cum and told her she pushed back and i creamed her shit tube,pulling out she turn around and looked at my cock , the poor thing has been busy tonight she said, we dressed and she went down 1st to make sure her freind was dressed, we sat talking.carol told her friend that i had made her come 9 times ( GIRLS TALK EH ) her friend looked at he while carols back was turned and gave me a knowing grin and aink and pointed to carols arse.carol then said i had better leave soon before her ex got back with their son, i left , and saw carol a few weeks later, she called me a twat for doing her mate in her home,her friend told me that carol was her best friend so she just had to tell her what we had done,.......