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Caroline’s surprise

"Sex starved Caroline gets her wish"

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My wife Sue are in our early fifties enjoyed a good sex life , we have tried a little soft swinging and BSM but lately it's become a little stale . One of the weekly high lights is when my wife's niece Caroline come to visit She is 29 yrs and hasn't had a boy friend in a while . My wife jokes that her fanny will cease up which she laughted about and agrees . We often share a couple of bottles of wine and joke about finding her a man. Personally I would love to fuck her as she had a real horny look about her and a lovely big ass! A couple of month ago after Caroline's regular visit and the usual banter about her lack of a sex life my wife Sue said to me you must know someone to fix up Caroline with a date . I replied most of the guys I know are married except Andy who is divorced and in his forties ! But he is pussy mad and not the boy friend type. Sue surprised me by replying well she needs a good see to so he could fit the bill is he well hung ? I said ok if you think she will go for it and yes I hear he is hung like a donkey ! She said just invite him around next Saturday and say nothing to Caroline . Just get in plenty wine . When I contacted Andy he was keen to meet Caroline . And on the Saturday he arrived promptly carry Flowers for my wife and a bottle of Scotch for me . Caroline arrived shortly after and was a little surprised to find Andy there. But Andy was his usually jokey charming self and sat next to Caroline on the Sofa We had ordered a Chinese take away and everyone tucked in in the sitting room . The wine flowed and soon everyone relaxed . Caroline was wearing a short dress and heavy tights But sat with her legs open and as the dress rode up we all got a birds eye view of the outline of her pussy through her tights . By now Andy was sitting with a bulge in his pants and So had I . Sue joined me in the kitchen as I went to the fridge to get another bottle of wine . I said to her looks like Caroline is making an impression on Andy judging by the buldge in his pants. She replied looks that way And as you said he is a big boy! I laughted and replied well you have obviously been having a good look. You can talk she said I spotted you eyeing up Caroline's fanny . Well she is sitting legs apart displaying it all you can't blame us guys I said. Sue give me a playful slap ! Andy and Caroline seems to be getting on well? He was keeping us all laughing with his saucy jokes and stories. By now we were all quite merry especially Caroline And as Andy went up stairs to the toilet his erection was very evident . Sue asked Caroline well what do you think of Andy . Caroline replied he seems a fun guy but to old for me . My wife said look we are not asking you to marry him Just get a shag! After all you have been teasing him all night by opening your legs and giving him an eye full the poor guy dick is busting through his trousers . Caroline laughted and said he certainly seems to have a large packet . I joked that she couldn't let the poor guy go home after getting him so aroused . Sue said look it's you chance to have a good shag tonight . Caroline said aunty you don't expect me to shag him after just meeting him and not here in your house . But Sue replied look tonight the night we will go and leave you two togather Andy returned and I refilled everyone glasses . Andy moved closer to Caroline and she didn't object and they both became quite tactile with each other. I nodded to Sue and we announce that we were going bed and leave them to it. I placed another bottle of wine on the table.[ We went up stairs and as we were both quite frisky Sue give me a blow job . When she finished as we lay in bed we could hear laughing followed by what sounded like Andy moaning! Curiosity got the better of me and I said to Sue I'm going to check what they are up to! Sue called me a peeking tom. I crept down the stairs and the sitting room door wasn't fully closed so I peeked in the gap . Caroline was sucking Andy's cock and he had her top of and was attempting to loosen her bra .. He got it unclipped to reveal her small but pert brests Caroline was very proficient at sucking cock and I started to stroke my own dick as I watched ! I felt a hand on my shoulder It was my wife Sue . She peeked in and whispered that's my girl ! as her niece sucked ! I whispered she obviously inherited your skills . Andy sooon had Caroline's knickers of and was fingering het before laying her on the couch to eat her pussy as she moaned softly . But her moans grew louder As he got her to kneel on the sofa and entered her from behind . Caroline's pussy was shaven like Sue . As Andy's cock much have been at least 8 inches ! He fucked her slowly and she urged him to fuck her harder! By now Sue was wanking me off as she watched. Andy withdrew and got Caroline to straddle him cowgirl style as he sat . She was bouncing on his dick and was now moaning loudly as she increase her rythm . Caroline uttered my god your so big to Andy as she bounced harder. She squealed as Andy obviously filled her! We quietly crept up the stairs and I was soon pounding Sue's pussy . I whispered in Sue's ear I be you would like Andy's big cock . She replied Hmmmm and smiled broadly . I said well it's your birthday shortly maybe I can arrange A treat for you. She just smiled ! We awoke at about 7am to find Andy had gone and Caroline had obviously slept our spare room and her clothes including her knickers was strewing on the floor . She emerged from the shower with a towel wrapped around her.. I said well did you have a good night? She smiled and saijd I had a very good night . I asked if she would be seeing Andy again and replied that I may be tempted and give me a naughty wink . The end.for now? Share
Written by Anonymous

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