Written by NeUkm

31 Jan 2008

hi my storey happened a few years ago when I was single at the time I was 36 been searching through the swinging sites and had had some luck with couples and married women with hubbys permission of course I,d seen this advert a few times about a married lady seeking discreet married guys not far from me.

So sent her a reply more in hope than expecting anything, but recieved a reply much to my surprize this led to a messenger chat in which we both webcammed to see if we liked the look of each other faces only she didnt think she was attractive but she had stunning green-blue eyes nice figure her hair long spike reminded me of suzie quatro ,

we agreed to meet next day at local shopping centre at about 10-00ish where she,d leave her car and come back to mine I was there early at the prearranged spot after half an hour feeling like a perverted mugger I relised it was a no shown so went home sat by the mesenger waiting to see what went wrong?

About 12-00 ish she paged me hubby had gone to work late so she could,nt make it didn,t have enough time to come to mine, i suggested I meet her half way at a lakeside carpark to which she agreed though she didn,t have much time

I arrived first parked next to entrance though it was large carpark it was pretty busy with lakeside view and hotel restrant at far end.

5 mins later I saw her car pull in the gates our eyes met she pulled in next to me left her car joined me in my car we kissed like old friends \"hi glad you could make it I said\"

she explained she was bored with hubby so met married guys for sex and excitement as she thouht it was safer STD wise and I was first single guy and also she didnt have much time as she had to pick kids up from school.

we began to kiss ignoring the passing cars her hand pressing into my chest mine slowly inching up her thigh to the crotch of her tight faded jeans her hand moved over my belt on to my by now very hard cock feeling its length before moving up to unbuckle me slowly un zipping me before sliding her hand in to massarge my cock she had stopped kissing by now and was looking intently at my hard cock precome had made it wet and smooth to the touch .my hand had worked its way into her bra and I was teasing her pert erect nipples ,\"do you swallow\" I asked her

\"yes\" she said,\"go on then \" I replied holding my cock in her hand she lowered her head and began to lick around my head flicking it with her tounge, then she took me in her mouth wanking me with her hand bobbing her head into my lap while I tried to look normal for the passing cars I could feel every pump of her hand flick of her tounge suck of her lips the feeling growing more intense with each relentliss suck and thrust my balls ready to burst i hold on no longer with breathless gasp began to pump my seed into her mouth, she just kept on sucking till I was spent finally lifting her head smiling.

\"Your turn \"I smiled back making myself decent I turned and began to kiss her moving to nibble her ear and neck she let out that \"oh yes please more sigh\" as my hand moved over to carress her breasts and nipples, then I moved to the button on her jeans ,after a struggle in which she aggreed tight jeans wern,t the best thing to wear that day, I slid the zipper down to reveal some small white lacy knickers I folded her jeans back managed to slde them down enough to allow me access I pulled her knickers away from her and ran my finger along her very damp pussy lips, causing her to gasp out loud I found her swollen clit not hard as she was so aroused began to gently stroke it, her breathing was fast and hard her body taught with the intesity of her pleasure, I began to form small circles on her clit with my finger tip icreasing the speed and pressure she was gasping breasts heaving her head hard aginst the car seat head rest her cheeks flushed pink I increaseed the speed on her clit\"go,na come \" she gasped \"show me\" I said another finger joined the first on her very wet pussy both flashing over her clit \"arrrrg fuck fuck jesus ,fuck me!\" she cried her thighs clamped around my hand her back arched and her whole body trembled as she came in a big but very nice and sexy way.

when she came down to earth \"U enjoy that \" I asked\"just a bit\" she said we aggreed to meet for a full session the time was tight by now so quickly she tided up and left for her car I watch her tight jeaned arse wiggle its way to her car ,imagining doing her doggy style what a goood fuck she,d be.

I never found that out do to one thing and another we lost contact

but Ive got a good imagination

have few more tales to tell if you like this one ......