Written by Jerome_Kinder

21 Apr 2011

Nav sent Jas a text to tell her he was on his way back & to tell her to make sure she looks good for him when he gets back. With the make up she had in her handbag & what Nav had left for her she redressed & waited downstairs like he asked.

Nav came through the door with another Asian man, in his forties. Nav told Jas to show the man her tits, which she did immediately, the man then came over for a closer look. The man then told her to turn around lift her skirt & bend over, she looked at Nav & he nodded so she did as she was told. The man started touching her pussy, then he told her to get out his dick & play with it, which she did. She said the length was nothing special but it had plenty of girth. Nav then told her to fuck the man, she bent over and let him fuck her from behind, after a few minutes she felt herself cumming on his cock, the man then shot a load inside her. He thanked Nav for such a sweet piece of ass. Nav fucked her again after that & he was just as good as the previous night. Nav then sent her back home in a taxi.

Throughout telling me all of this Jas carried on stroking me slowly. She asked if I was happy with what she had done. I told her that I was more turned on than ever. I asked her how good he was, she said he was perfect, a real man. Jas had no hesitation in telling me him & his son were far better lovers than me. She said that she had got a taste for a big cock & she wanted more. I spunked all over her hand.

I asked her if I could watch her with him, she smiled & said she'd ask him.

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