2 Jun 2017

hi this is about my ex wife.

we both enjoyed dogging around county Durham. Her fave spot was Castle Eden walkway near the bridge. Jane was in her 40's 38dd size 16 always shaved

we turned up one Friday night and there where already a few cars there.

Jane started to play with my cock as soon as we had stopped and we soon had a few blokes watching and wanking.

I removed her blouse and skirt leaving Jane in her white hold ups and heels, and I started to play with her pussy she was already wet.

As we had been here most weekends we recognised a few faces including Jane's favorite a black man called Tony.

When Jane spotted him she said I'm getting out and going to the picnic tables.

Just then another car pulled in with a couple in and as soon as that car stopped a petite lady got out and all she had on was stockings and heels and came straight over to Jane's side of the car and said hi may I touch.

Jane said yes please and the new lady caressed Jane's breasts.

Jane said to her that we where getting out to go to the tables which we did with the new lady Karen following to.

both lady's kissed then one of the watching men touched Jane's bum, she turn toward him and kissed him. I took the opportunity to kiss Karen and ease her toward a table, she turned around and bent over the table. I pushed two fingers into her pussy and it was soaking so I placed a condom on and place my cock at the entrance of her pussy. Karen said please fuck me. so I push forward into her moist tunnel and started a gentle rhythm building up my pace.

As I looked at my wife she was on her back on another table with tony fucking her pussy and she had another cock in her mouth. she looked beautiful.

I was getting near to coming and said this to Karen who pushed back harder until I came, I pulled out and was instantly replaced by another man

I went and watched my wife who was loving the attention. I was loving watching her getting fucked

we had a great night