Written by Paul

23 May 2011

Hi, It's Paul here again. This is a follow up to my first story about my wife that i posted on 28th April.

As i said at the end of my last story, my wife Helen has carried on being fucked by a guy she works with called Mike, and as i now know, others. I'll tell you how i found out.

I'd followed Helen a few times when she'd said she was working late, and found out she was going to hotels with the young guy, Mike.

Two weekends ago, we attended a meal arranged by Helen's company as a thank you for the staff's hard work over a difficult period. All regions of the company attended the meal and disco which was held in a hotel near Birmingham Airport.

We arrived late on the Saturday afternoon and by 7pm were all dolled up and made our way down to the restaurant. Helen introduced me to other colleagues and their partners and we ended up on a table with 8 others which included her boss and his wife, and Mike and his girlfriend. Mike was really cool about things considering he'd been fucking my wife for the last 6 months. I took a dislike to him, but could see what my wife saw in him. Young, good looking and plenty of charm although a little too arrogant for my liking. I noticed them chatting when his girlfriend wasn't around, and Helen was quite giggly in his presence.

Her boss, Johnathan, was a pleasant guy who over the course of the evening chatted a lot to me, telling me that Helen was marvellous, hard working and the customers all loved her and had a great rapport with her. I'd put Johnathan at mid 50's. A tall, stocky guy with greying hair.

We got back to the room at around 1am. Helen changed out of her party dress and was just left in the black silky french panties. I approached her, and with my hands resting gently on her hips, i kissed her neck softly which she loves. As i done this i asked about her getting giggly with Mike, which she responded to by telling me he was just a cheeky sod and had always been the same. It was then that i slide one of my hands into the front of her panties and ran my finger along her shaven slit. Helen let out a moan. I pulled her panties down and sat her on the bed. She layed back as i opened her legs and started to eat my wifes pussy. She was soaking. I asked her why she was so wet. She never replied. I then asked her if Mike being cheeky too her had gotten her damp. "Don't be silly darling," was her reply. I knew different. I ate her pussy, making her cum, before fucking her doggie style, and coming within a couple of minutes thinking of Mike fucking her. I could tell she was disappointed that i'd cum quick.

Roll forward to Friday this week.

I'd been out in the company van to make some deliveries due to the normal driver going sick that day, and on the way back to my depot, decided to pop home for a crafty cuppa. I'd spoken to Helen a few hours previous and she'd said she was with Johnathan the boss, making some calls to local customers. I pulled into our close and noticed straight away a car on my drive. Not Helen's. My mind started racing straight away, and i stopped the van about 3 houses down from ours. I was going to call Helen but decided i'd go quietly into the house.

I let myself in as quietly as i could, and stood just inside the front door listening. Immediately i heard my bed creaking. Then moans and panting. I could just make a male voice that kept repeating, "oh fuck yeah."

I slowly inched my way up the stairs until my bedroom came into view. The door was open and there was Helen, dressed only in black hold up stockings, facing away from me, bouncing up and down on her boss Johnathan's cock. He was layed back on the bed, legs hanging over the end, while he mauled my wife's big breasts.

They carried on like this for a time until he moaned and said "stop, or i'm gonna cum."

Helen lifted herself off his cock, glistening with her juices, and got on her knees on our bed, pulled her lips open with one hand and told Johnathan to hurry up and fill her with his big cock.

It was then i noticed how big he actually was. He was very long and reasonably thick. As he got behind my wife to carry on fucking her, his big balls were hanging down between his legs. Another guy to put me to shame.

It was then Helen see me. She'd turned around to look at Johnathan as he thrust his big cock back inside her. She gave a look of horror and pulled off of her bosses cock. She asked how long i'd been there and i'd replied a few minutes. Johnathan just sat on the edge of the bed. I guess he see that i wasn't going to do anything to him. He asked if id enjoyed watching him fuck my wife. Helen looked at him in disbelief. I stuttered that i had. Johnathan told me to come up into the bedroom. I did as he said and sat on the dressing table chair when he said. Johnathan laughed and grabbed Helen, pushing her down onto her knees and telling her to "suck it like you do when he's not here." Helen looked at me as she took his stiffening cock into her mouth. She went to work on his cock like she never has with me. Though i don't have a cock like him so guess she can't. Johnathan had grabbed Helen's hair and was roughly forcing her head up and down his shaft. She was moaning loudly and rubbing her clit at the same time.

With the words, "get up slut," from Johnathan, Helen stood up and she was pushed over the dressing table only about a foot away from me. He pushed 3 fingers into Helen's cunt, twisted them around, and then took them out and wiped her juices on his big stiff cock. He looked at me, laughed again, and said "If you fucked her like i fuck her, then she wouldn't need to come to me."

He held Helen's hips as he cock twitched at her wet opening, and with one push he was all the way in. Right up to his groin. Helen's head rolled from side to side and she came instantly on his cock. He left his cock there as her orgasm subsided then proceeded to fuck her hard and fast. Pausing only to get his breath. Through her pants and yelps he would say to Helen, "you love this cock don't you slut?." Her reply was "god yes, fuck me harder."

He fucked like that for at least 25 minutes. I lost count of the times she cum. She would ocassionally look at me with glazed eyes, but otherwise i was just a spectator.

When Johnathan finally cum up my wife, he pulled his cock out of her, causing what seemed like about a pint of spunk to ooze out of her, then got dressed before saying to Helen, "take the rest of the day off, you've got stuff to sort out." He was so casual about it.

Helen put on a dressing gown and sat on the bed. We didnt say anything for what seemed like ages. I broke the ice by asking how wlong she'd been seeing Johnathan. He had been fucking her for about 3 years. I then told her i'd seen her with Mike and she said she'd been fucked by him for the first time the day that i'd seen them.

Johnathan is the dominant lover and makes her cum so much. And Mike is the young guy with stamina and his arrogance turns her on.

She's told me of many one night stands she's had over the years and says she doesn't think she can stop that. She loves me like no other she says, but i don't do the things sexually for her that the others do.

To top my humiliation that day she asked if i'd eat her pussy which was still oozing Johnathan's cum. I did it and loved it. I cum with out touching myself as i ate her.

Helen is away for 2 nights this week and have said im happy with her enjoying men, and all i ask in return is for her to tell me what she's been up to.

I guess this is not for everyone but it is for me.

Thanks for reading. All comments welcome