Written by andysig

29 Jul 2008

There I was sat at the bar bored and looking at my watch thinking another boring night in a strange hotel when out the corner of my eye I spied the flash of a stocking clad leg on the seats opposite.My brain instantly swinging into shagging mode.Not wanting to stare I let my eyes wonder round the room slowly coming back to the middle aged lady with the nice legs.She caught my eye laughing as I tried to look away exposing a little more leg then roughly tugging her skirt back down.I stood up walking towards her thinking in for a penny just as I got with in a couple of feet she turned towards me stood up and picked up her coat.As she past she smiled and said you cumming or what.I followed her out into the car park and asked were we were going.To meet my husband was the curt reply.We walked over to a Dark Green Saab in the corner of the carpark.The window dropped and the driver stuck out his hand and introduced himself as Dave. You fancy my wife he asked? I laughed and explained he said dont apologise she was sent in to pull a ghy and she pickied you.You dont mind I asked but he ignored my question and told his wife to get in the back of the car and lift her skirt she sat back following his instruction exposing her wet white knickers.

Now Andy what do you think of her.Very nice I replied.He offered me the passenger seat saying we could go back to there flat or out to the woods on the outskirts of town where she would show me a good time.Woods it is then I replied not believing my luck. It was Grey dark as we approached the carpark and Dave parked turning to Cath telling her to get out and lean over the bonnet Dave suggesting that I should watch as he pushed her head down and lifted her skirt exposing her arse he told her to pull her pants down and show me her arse again she complied as soon as her pussy was on display dave brought his hand down smacking her arse with such force the car shook.Cath whimpered and he told her to spread her cheeks as soon as she did this he stuck his finger up her pussy roughly fingering her till she started to shake.On you Knees you slut he barked and Kath turned dropping to her knees as instructed.By this point I had my cock out wanking Dave grabed Caths hair and pushed her towards my cock telling her to suck me.I felt my cock hit the back of her thought and almost came as Dave unzipped his jeans and proceeded to fuck his wife forcefully from behind.Cath protested and was pulled quickly to her feet spun round and pushed face down over the bonnet Dave forcing his cock staight up her arse Cath screamed and then settled into the rhythm of Daves thrusts

as he started to tense he pulled out his cock and told her to open her mouth

he wanked spraying cum all over her face hair and toung.I stood stairing as he calmly said youve got five mins to do anything you want if she refuses just let me know.I knew it wouldnt take five mins as I thrust my cock straight in her pussy and started banging away like a demented bunny shooting my load all over her arse.The journey back to the hotel was in total silence but fuck was I a happy bunny.