Written by ukdodgybloke

10 Oct 2011

This happened a couple of weeks ago

A Bit about myself first I am middle age bloke with a G/F (Julie)

We just had my G/F sister move in with us, she had just split up with her B/f.

It was supposed to be only for a couple of days but it turned out she stayed for eight weeks.

A Bit about the sister in law, her Name is Sammy; she is in her late 30’s, short dark hair about a size 12, 34 tits (at a guess) any back to what happened

It was my day off the Julie was out a work and Sam was out too, so I had the house to my self

I was on the SH website on the chat room page naked playing on the cam,(you know one of those blokes you see wanking on cam) Anyway I was feeling very horny and I don’t know what made do it but I decided to get one of Sammy panties to have a wank in.

I had one of Sammy panties (a black thong) wrap around my cock wanking on the cam I was so engrossed in wanking with her panties wrap around my cock, I did not hear Sammy come in, and she caught me in mid stroke. She just stood there looking at me and ask me what fuck I was doing I gave some grabble reply, which she replied

Sit on your fucking hands and don’t move, so there I am naked with a raging hard on with Sammy’s thong wrap around my cock sitting on my hands,

Sammy was stood behind me I heard her move I went to look around which she relied don’t fucking move and don’t look around, after a couple of minutes (but seemed like ages) she put her panties that she was wearing over my head pulling them tight against my nose and mouth they where warm and a slight smell off piss

Then she got hold of my cock and started to wank me off I did last long and came in about 2 minutes

She did not say anything just walk off to her room, leaving me with her used panties on my head with her spunk filled thong wrap around my cock,

The following week it was just me and Sammy in when she came into my bedroom and said to me get undressed and put these fucking on; it was on off her panties a small white lacy pair. I put up a feeble complaint, but she said if you don’t want Julie to find out you do as you’re told, So I did as I was told and put here white panties on which she took a photo of me on her mobile, then she made me hover all down stairs. So there was me hovering in just a pair of white lacy panties with a hard on, but this time she did not wank me off just sat there giving me orders,

She has now moved out but keeps dropping hints that her flat is needs cleaning and when is my next day off

I don’t know what to do as she still has the photo of me