Written by Mike

8 Mar 2010

As I told in the first two parts, I have been fucking Lynn, my GF's mum, including fucking her on webcam as her friend Maggie watched. After our visit to the sex shop I knew that she was a regular customer and asked what other toys and sex aids she had. She showed me her collection, vibrators, dildos, leather harnesses with strap on cocks, bondage equipment, even a clear speculum, which I'd never heard of, until she demonstrated, inserting it into her cunt, spreading her hole fully open for me to see right inside her cunt.

After work each day that week I went to her house, getting there in time to shower before she returned. She wanted me naked, erect and waiting for her so as soon as she got home she could suck my cock, swallowing my spunk, before she showered and we ate. After, she sucked me hard again before shagging on the sofa until we both came, her insisting I lick and suck my cum from her juicy cunt, until I made her come again. When I'd recovered she watched me masturbate while she fucked herself with a vibe and fingers. I lay opposite wanking my cock, keeping hard, but not cumming, as she brought herself to several orgasms, me keeping my cock stiff for an hour or more, ready to fuck her again.

Late Saturday afternoon she spent getting me ready for Maggie's visit, we hadn't fucked since the morning to conserve my spunk. My body hair was growing so she shaved me again until I was totally smooth, my prick getting hard as shaved between my legs pushing a finger in my bum. I remained naked, except for a cockring, stroking my cock to keep an erection and Lynn put on a harness which covered her pussy, with straps and chains round her tits, fastened to a collar at her neck.

At about 7pm the doorbell rang and I opened the door, wanking my erect cock, as instructed by Lynn. Maggie stood looking for a few moments before coming in and removing her coat. She was naked except for heels, stockings held up by a leather suspender belt which framed her shaved pussy. Her large pierced tits looked firm, swaying as she walked and took hold of my prick, leading me up the stairs to the bedroom where Lynn was waiting. Lynn had attached a dildo to her harness which was thick, long and black. We were all on the bed and I watched as Lynn and Maggie kissed, running their hands over each others bodies, tweaking and pinching their nipples, Lynn taking a nipple ring with her teeth pulling hard and slipping her fingers in and out of Maggie's cunt as she held the dildo rubbing and pressing it against Lynn's pussy. They were both moaning and sighing with pleasure as they excited each other.

Maggie was kneeling, legs spread so I got behind, pressing my prick against her arse then between her legs, sliding along her slit, rubbing her clit, before pushing my cock into her hole. Her twat was running with juices and already gaping open from Lynn's finger fuck as my prick penetrated her surprisingly tight cunt. Holding her bum I slid my length up her slick cunt, sliding in and out easily as her cunt gripped my cock. As we fucked I felt Lynn slip a couple of fingers in, as well as rubbing her clitoris. Maggie had Lynn's tits in her mouth sucking the nipples and a hand still on the dildo as I fucked her cunt hard, then stopping before I came, moving slowly before thrusting back into her. She was pushing her cunt back to meet my hammering cock telling me I was making her cum and to give her my spunk. The ring was tight round my cock and balls as I felt Lynn gently squeezing my nuts, then a finger covered in Maggie's cunt juices sliding into my arse. That was enough, I shot my load deep inside her pussy in 2 or 3 spurts. Lynn said "Don't waste his lovely spunk" and as I withdrew wriggled underneath between her legs, raised her head sticking her tongue out to catch my cum as it dripped out of Maggie's cunt before lapping up the remains, licking and sucking her pussy. Maggie was close to orgasm again as Lynn rolled her onto her back and mounted her, sliding the thick, black dildo into her cunt, making her cry out as it's thickness stretched her cunt open even wider. I watched, seeing two women fuck for the first time was getting me hard again. Maggie's cunt took the lot, she lifted her legs, wrapping them round Lynn, holding her tight as Lynn rammed the hard artificial cock in her willing cunt until they came.

There was a gleam in Lynn's eye when she saw I was erect again. "I told you he could get it up again quickly" she remarked to Maggie. She quickly removed the strap on then straddling me lowered her cunt onto my stiff prick, sighing as she felt it sliding in and opening her pussy. Maggie sat propped up on pillows hand between her legs fingering her pussy which was still gaping wide open after taking the thick dildo. Lynn laid back on top so I could play with her nipples and Maggie would have a good view of my cock fucking Lynn's cunt. Lynn lifting off so just my tip was inside before sinking back down, me thrusting up to fuck her. I heard Maggie cumming then Lynn fucked me harder as her own orgasm mounted screaming out as her body shook then went rigid. As she came she pulled my prick out of her cunt quickly wanking me until my sperm shot out over her pussy and stomach. As I felt the last drop spurting I felt Maggie's mouth on my prick sucking the last drops from my cock before licking up from my balls swallowing our mixed juices then licking my spunk off Lynn's cunt and kissing her full on the mouth letting her taste then sharing my cum before drinking it down.

We all needed time to recover afterwards so Lynn fetched drinks. I lay on the bed watching as they tried on some of the various harnesses and showed off some of the bondage kit. They wanted me hard again and getting on the bed lay next to each other spread their legs and masturbated and fucked themselves with various vibrators as I watched wanking my prick to get erect again. I knelt between Maggie's open legs and went down on her licking and sucking her clit as she pressed my head down. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Lynn attaching a slim strap on dildo to a harness then get on the bed. My head between her legs still tongueing Maggie, my bum was in the air, when I felt Lynn slid a lubricated finger in my arse. Maggie could see what she was doing and said "You better use plenty of lubrication before you fuck him up the arse, if he's an anal virgin". I realised what she was doing as Maggie held my head and I felt liquid being squirted in my arse. Then, the thankfully slim, plastic cock pressed against my bum. At first it was uncomfortable but with plenty of anal lube I was opened up and the dildo slowly slid into my arse, inch by inch and Lynn arse fucked me. As she fucked me Maggie got under me, took hold of my cock and suck me into her mouth. I was able to bend my head to her pussy, licking and sucking her juicey cunt. The feeling of having my arse filled, whilst my cock was being sucked and the taste of Maggie's cunt on my tongue was wonderful. Lynn fucked me harder and faster and it wasn't to long before I felt my prick twitching in Maggie's mouth as I spunked down her throat as she came from my attention to her clitoris.

During the rest of the weekend I fucked them both several times and watched as they used strap ons and other sex toys. Next weekend Katy is coming home for a couple of days. Now I'm wondering should I dump her or should I carry on fucking Mother and Daughter.