Written by Terry

12 Mar 2008

I caught my girlfriend’s younger sister who has just gone 18 masturbating. She was staying at our Flat for a week and unbeknown to her, I always take Tuesday’s off. happened, my girlfriend had just left for work with her pussy full of spunk from the fuck we’d had earlier. I needed the loo; I made as little noise as possible so not to disturb Holly as I had to pass her room. Has I approached I noticed that her door was slightly ajar and then I heard a sort of screaming as if she had mussel cramp, I entered her room to make sure she was OK and there she was blankets and sheet discarded lying naked on the bed, legs spread eagled and wanking her blonde pert swollen pink pussy off. As I entered she immediately rolled over and tried to cover up by pulling a sheet over her nakedness. I asked if he was alright, she replied YES and she asked why I was not at work, I said I’ve got the day off and sorry if I disturbed her and if it would help she could use her sister’s vibrator. She didn’t reply but I made it known that I knew she was pleasuring herself.

Later on she came down stairs and I asked if she wanted a cupper, she said Terry, I feel so embarrassed about this morning; I thought the house was empty. I said you shouldn’t feel embarrassed; we all wank including Mel, your cousin Anne and your Mother.

Holly sat down not saying a great deal when she did she asked me to elaborate on my previous statement about her Mother and Cousin. I said shit I should not have said what I did.

Tell me, have you fucked my Mother and Anne. Yes I said, both of them on many occasions. You bastard, I fucking hate men – why is one pussy not enough? To calm the situation, I said because I love fucking and that every pussy is a challenge in that they all different in shape, size, colour, smell and wetness. Do you not think the same about COCK?

Holly replied, I’m not that experienced, I’ve only had one and that was black and I insisted that it was engulfed in a condom. Shame I responded, so you have not been fucked bear back or had the privilege of having man’s seed imbedded inside of you? No she said.

So tell me; was it the black man you were masturbating about earlier and did he have a big cock. No she replied to both questions and said his cock was only a handful: I heard you and Mel making love and it caused a hot flush making me horny and very wet so I started frigging myself.

Have you wanked about us before? I may have she replied and she then demanded me to tell about fucking her Mum and Cousin Anne.

I said I’ve been fucking your Mum for about 2 years and Anne for 6 months and both are jolly good fucks too. They love my 8 inch boner and can’t get enough of my spunk, much the same for your sister. I have emptied my spunk in all of their orifices.

You mean you have unloaded sperm into my Mum’s mouth and bum hole as well as her cunt. Yep I replied same for Anne and Mel. My dick was beginning harden with this smutty talk.

You dirty rampant shit she said, you will bonk anything. With that I took out my rock hard rod and asked Holy if she would like some. She said fuck off it been up bums and I bet it stinks like hell. I moved towards her, my cock only inches away from her mouth. She didn’t move so I pulled back my foreskin and nudged nearer so that my helmet was just above her mouth and under her nose. He breathing started to get heavier and I sensed she was smelling my manhood. I moved my knob down to her lips and she began to kiss and lick my bell end paying particular attention to the sensitive part underneath my foreskin before taking the whole of my knob into her warm mouth.

She remarked how big and fat it was and said it tasted salty, I said it’s probably pre cum as she continued suck, jerk and fondle my balls until I could take no more and she caused my nuts to crack; filling her young mouth with a heavy load of cum. To my surprised she swallowed the lot and whilst doing so she looked me in the eyes.

I took out her firm breasts and sucked on her erect nipples, she was moaning saying give me what the rest of family have had. I moved down to the lower region, removed her wet white thong and tongued her blonde pussy and pink swollen clit. She started screaming but much louder than earlier, saying how much better my tonguing was to her finger wanking. I licked her through cum, her love juices were every much as sweet and good as her Mothers, Sisters and Cousins, causing my prick to return to its rampant state with Holly pleading me to shag her until she ached.

I positioned her on all fours and my eight inch bare backed cock entered her hot and wet pussy easily. She cried out loud when my rod was balls deep and found the neck of her womb. I drilled her slowly and used the wetness from her cum at the base of my cock to lube and finger her bum hole. After a while of fingering her butt, I replaced my fingers with my throbbing dick and broke her virgin anal passage in. She cried fuck me everywhere and shag me hard like you do to my other 3 members. She creamed very strongly again, this time squirting and ejaculating her warm thick cum juice all over my balls.

I started too alternated between her love and bum holes and as I felt my eggs begin to tighten I asked Holly which hole she would like me spunk. She said not up my pussy as it is unprotected, so I filled her arse to the brim with live semen causing her to orgasm again from the feeling of warm spurting cum..