Written by pantypaul

5 Sep 2013

I am Paul, a horny 50 yr old who likes nothing better to put on a pair of sexy tights or panties and read stories on sh. Sex is good with my wife, she works all day and I work all night, so there is plenty of playing time. the story.

On one of my mornings off I was sat at the computer, reading horny stories stroking my cock in to a pair of flesh coloured pair of tights. My legs felt lovely and silky and my balls were encased in the lovely silk panties of the tights.The phone rang, it was my wife asking me to drop a holdall off at her sisters. Its only ten minutes away so I slipped my jeans on over my tights and set off. My cock was still semi erect in the tights.

When I got to the house I let myself in[she was at work] and put the holdall on the table. I wanted a pee so I went to the bathroom to relieve myself. On doing so I saw the wash basket, my cock was still in a horny state due to it still rubbing in to the tights.I had a rummage and found a pair of cotton panties, which felt ever so soft. No sexy silky panties to be be found. These will do I thought.I dropped my jeans and pulled the tights down so I could rub my cock in to my sister in laws panties. I rubbed the head of my cock in to the slighty stained crutch area. The cotton felt so soft on my cock. I was rubbing away when the bedroom door opened, it was Diane, the sister in laws lodger.

I just stood there cock and panties in my hand dressed in tights. "Dont stop on my account" She pushed passed my and pulled her panties down,sat on the toilet and had a pee. That was so horny I was rubbing my cock harder now. She slipped her panties off her legs and threw them to me. "Wank in then" Hers were still warm so I wrapped my cock in them and carried on wanking. She now had one leg on the side of the bath and she was fingering her pussy and rubbing her tits. I was getting closer now and was in need of shooting my load, her fingers were ramming in and out of her and she came all over her fingers. On seeing this I shot my load in to her warm panties, three big squirts, soaking her panties.

I tossed the panties in to the wash basket and pulled my tights back up and fastened my jeans. She looked at me and said "I hope we can do this again" "I dont see why we cant as long as no one finds out"