Written by hgv_driver

6 Feb 2007

My wife Liza and i have had a fairly open relationship, the occasional 3some with other guys, and she has had a few lovers over the years. She is a very sexy woman,she is 42, 5'4" highlighted hair, size 12, biggish boobs 32dd and although the years and the kids have taken their toll she is still very very sexy. Our sex life seems to have dwindled into very little, maybe once a month and it pretty much 5 minutes foreplay and then a very quick fuck ( I just don't seem to be able to last very long once in her) I know the last lover she had which ended in April last year was a very long lasting, repeating 30 year old. She would see him most weeks and sometime 3 or 4 times a week and although i was a little jealous, as it was me who instigated her seeing other guys i could hardly tell her now to stop. Anyhow Chris (her lover) return to New Zealand and our life was back to normal. Sex about once a month, and although i missed the sloppy seconds things were ok.

That was until yesterday, i was at work as normal and phoned home to say hi and for general chat as things were slow and i had time on my hands. Liza answered after a few rings and we had a quick chat and said goodbye. About an hour later a job came up which took me straight past home so i though i would pop in for a coffee. When i arrived at my house there was another car in the road outside, i thought nothing of it and walked upto the house. When i got to the back door i could hear noises inside coming from upstairs, which were pretty obviously of a sexual nature. I was instantly hard thinking about it and opened the door quietly and crept inside. I removed my shoes and went though the kitchen to the living room where i found all over the room my wife's clothes, and a pair of mens jeans, t shirt and boxers. i slowly made my way upstairs and could hear Liza moaning in pleasure and the bed squeaking and banging against the wall. As i reached the top our bedroom door was wide open and i could see just the foot of the bed from where i was. I could see 2 pairs of feet, my wife on her back, some guy on top of her, I moved round so i could see more and more until all that was not visible were their heads. He was fucking here deep and hard and she was defiantly really loving it, telling him to fuck her harder and harder and telling him how good it was. i was rock hard by now and had my cock in my hand wanking very slowly or i knew i would cum. She told him to lay on his back and as she got off to straddle him she saw me. She said nothing, just got on top of him and lowered herself onto his cock, which i could now see was pretty impressive a good 2 inches longer than mine and very thick. As they started fucking again she started say how good it was, how big he was, and then said god your so much better than my husband, he is useless in bed. she looked at me a couple of times while this was going on and they fucked long and hard, her constantly telling him how good it was. He then said i am going to cum where do you want it baby, to which she said Over my tits, my wimp husband is wanking in the other room and he can come and lick it off. With this she jumped off and laid on her back again and he duly came huge globules over her chest and stomach.

She shouted to me , come on then , clean me up and i shyly walked in and licked all the cum from her she winked at me and said theres a good boy and then took my cock in her mouth and started to suck....i lasted about 30 seconds before unloading in her mouth with amazing feelings, probably the most intense ever. I looked round at her lover who i instantly recognised as a guy who works with me. He looked a little unsure buy had a pretty big smile on his face.

When he was gone she told me she had been seeing a couple of guys for months now as she needed good sex, and as i had always said to her she could do as she liked she thought it was ok especially as i had often stated a desire to catch her in the act.

What could i say, ....................