15 Oct 2015

I had been seeing Martin at his house for a hour each night now for a week and I was due to go and work on a Trade stand at a Exhibition in Europe for the company I work for, for the next week ,I told Martin on the Sunday night that I would be flying out tomorrow and coming home on Saturday and he looked at me saying well you know what that means. I did know but waited for him to tell me ,as he said that's 5 nights away so when you come back to see me you have to give me 5 hours of your time, luckily I knew my hubs was away for the next couple of weeks, so here's to a nice long session on Saturday night then as he kissed me good bye on the Sunday evening.

I flew out on the Monday and after a busy week I was looking forward to coming home by Friday night as we packed up the equipment and product information , I went to bed late and exhausted Friday night and got up early the next morning for my flight home, some hours later I walked indoors and after a hair wash and a soak in the bath I was ready for my night ahead,

I decided if I was going to see Martin for 5 hours I had better dress up for him so I had a look in my undies draw, pulled out a few of my matching sets laying them on the bed, as I looked as to what to wear I began to feel horny and as I knew I would be his slut for 5 hours I thought I might dress to suit and picked up a white half cup bra which just supported my boobs leaving my nipples on display with a g string and suspender belt.

As I slipped them on my nipples had gone hard and I rolled my stockings up my legs to take a look in the mirror, I thought I looked pretty good and hoped Martin would approve as well I slipped a wrap over dress on held together by a tie belt which my hubs says it shows my boobs and legs off perfectly. I added a bit of make up and lipstick, curled my hair, put my 5" heels on and looked again thinking I looked pretty hot. I walked round getting some glances from some of the teens and 20+ year old lads as I made my way to his house who were also going out, I rang his doorbell he let me in kissed me saying shall we go in the lounge.

He followed me in saying I smelt lovely and looked even better tonight, he was also dressed smartly tonight, he asked if I was hungry and said there is some food in the kitchen ready to eat the dining table laid out , I went through dished the food up and we sat at the table to eat and drink a bottle of wine, the wine went straight to my head as I had hardly eat all day. As we sat side by side he asked me about my week his hand on my leg rubbing up and down feeling my suspender belt , we got up washed up and I was suddenly aware of his big black dog once more as it stuck its nose up my dress licking my legs, Martin pulled it away as we finished up .

We went into the lounge as Martin pulled out a liquor bottle to pour a large glass to give to me, he seemed to keep looking at the clock on the wall, he then pulled out a camera and said I want a photo of you as you look so good he made me pose for him pulling up my dress to reveal the tops of my stockings as he asked me to take off my dress slowly with the camera clicking away. I stood there in my undies my nipples standing up erect as he asked me to spin around slowly as he took more pics, I could see his cock bulging in his trousers as he called me over to the sofa and played with my nipples and rubbed my pussy thru my string as I rubbed his cock thru his trousers.

I took another drink and lay back feeling horny as the door bell rang Martin got up ,I told him to get rid of whoever it was as the room looked a bit fuzzy now so I closed my eyes and I had pulled my g string aside with one hand as my other hand parted my pussy lips and I began rubbing my clit making myself very horny now. then I heard Martin talking and opened my eyes to see Martin stood there with 3 other men I had never seen before taking off their jackets.

I think I was a bit tipsy now and didn't even stop my fingers rubbing myself as I just said Hiya Lad's ! , Martin smiled said these are some mates of mine Su and introduced them all to me as one by one they came over to kiss me the first was a guy in his 50,s called Pat he bent down to kiss me running a finger over my nipples as they poked above my bra, then a younger 18+ year old lad Rob kissed me as his hand found my clit next to my fingers and rubbed me , I groaned as that was the point I began to cum making my body shudder.

The next guy in line was probably 30+ called Chaz, he kissed me as his fingers found my wet hole and fingered me, I was shouting Oh Yes !Oh Yes ! ,make me cum please ,make me cum again ,Chaz, I heard him say to the others I see what you mean Martin she is a horny little fuck this one she obviously loves the cock as he fingered me he undid his trousers pushing them down to free his cock It sprung out over his pants , I leant over pushed his pants down and gripped it feeling how hard it felt placing my tongue over the head .

I soon had my lips around Chaz's cock sucking it as he told the others she doesn't mess around she loves to suck cock and good at it as well, her cunt is soaking, Chaz stepped away and took my legs spread them wide one foot on the floor as he knelt between them one foot on the floor pulling my g string to one side and with his t shirt up over his chest he pressed his cock inside me , making me scream for him to fuck me , he stopped to pull his shirt off his head then put his hands either side of my head . He held himself above me pressing his cock into my wet pussy , telling the others she has a lovely wet cunt Lad's and I am going to make her cum on my cock in a moment as I fill her cunt up with my spunk.

Chaz was as good as his word as he fucked and kissed me it wasn't long till I soaked his cock with my juices, as I came I opened my eyes to see the camera lens pointing at me with the other 2 guys and Martin now all naked holding or stroking their cocks , Chaz groaned and added his cum to mine inside me he pulled out moved over my face I stuck my tongue out as he slapped my face and tongue with his dripping cock. Then Martin told me to kneel on all4's on his new rug on the floor as Pat and Rob are going to fill you up now , I got into position with Chaz's cum dripping from me down my legs, I saw Pat move behind me his thick cock looked to big to fit inside me , as I said oh God Pat its so thick as he nudged it against my pussy , be gentle !

I heard Pat say from behind me in his gruff voice , you are going to take it as Chaz has just lubed you up for this old cock as he grabbed my hips pulled me back as he pushed forwards and he was in , as I muttered so big ! , oh so big ! I felt him stretch me as he pushed his length inside me, gently rocking me back an forwards as I now saw Rob's naked brown body kneel in front of me. His cock was beautiful to look at , long , dark and glistening from his spit coating it not as thick as the others he rubbed the tip around my mouth amused as he watching my tongue trying to taste it, he then held it against my lips as I opened my mouth he pressed forwards and kept pressing till it hit the back of my throat, I too a gulp of air as I could see he still had another 2" to go yet, he held the back of my head and pushed again till I felt my nose squash against his groin,

Then as Rob let go of my head I moved my head back an forwards again to suck his cock, while Pat resumed fucking me after stopping to watch Rob fill my mouth an throat they got a good motion going so I was always full of their cock as I could see the camera being used from all different angles around me, Chaz was handing some beers around his cock still looked like it wouldn't take much to be ready for me again as Martin's looked hard and erect . I had cum over Pat's thick cock twice as he fucked me and I heard his gruff voice tell us all he was spunking up my juicy cunt , I felt his hands push against my arse as he pulled back and I expected to see Rob move behind me but Martin was too quick and I guessed he was horny after watching me with 3 men.

As Pat told Martin that's a horny bird you have there Martin my old mate, as Chaz says she loves the cock alright, can't seem to get enough, you say she is married and has a boyfriend , horny bitch !!, as Martin began fucking me Pat carried on with the conversation with the others joining in talking about me ,I heard bits as I sucked Rob's cock feeling it throb a little in my throat as Martin reached under me to hold an rub my boobs.

I heard them say needs some more lads this one, she can take it , as I heard Chaz say you filled all her holes yet Martin , he answered no not yet, Chaz said reckon she would like to be stuffed full of cock don't you,.

My mind was racing thinking of all the things they were saying as I was surprised when Rob began pumping his cum down my throat , catching me unawares an struggling to keep up swallowing it down, as Rob held the back of my head saying drink it Baby, drink ! before letting go when he was satisfied I had, it wasn't much longer that Martin suddenly began saying Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! as he filled my pussy with the 3rd lot of man juice that night, he pulled out of me slapping my bum with his wet cock.. I lay on the rug exhausted my pussy leaking juices on to the rug , my mouth tasting of Robs cum ,till he bent over me to kiss me pressing his tongue against mine, he said you were good babes! , damn good ! I smiled back at him and said you were not so bad yourself, he grinned and held my hand, saying he was gonna fuck me in a minute , as he wasn't gonna leave with out putting a load up my honeypot.

As I lay on my front drinking another drink on the rug the men all chatted with me , asking about my hubs and boyfriend as well as saying do they know you have 4 guys fucking you tonight , I said I didn't know till just now and they all laughed, I saw Rob put his hand out to me I took it and he said Martin says we can use his bed now and I am gonna stick you with my cock now Su as he pulled back the cover , he lay back saying I want you to ride me babes, I bent down to coat his now erect cock again with my tongue and knelt up over him sitting down till he was deep inside me and began to ride him. He reached up rubbing my boobs , telling me to ride him faster or slower as I had a few cums over his cock before he put his load in my belly . He said now you got a full house with mine inside you babes ,laughing,pulling my head down to kiss me