Written by eddie23

10 Feb 2011

Had to tell you this true story of something that happened just before Christmas....

I occasionally meet a woman called Mandy who lives close by for casual sex. We've known each other for a while now. She lives with her 23-year-old flatmate Tracy, a bit of an extrovert, who has a boyfriend called Glenn. Until recently I'd never met Tracy and Glenn, choosing to und when they were out. However, that all changed a couple of weeks ago...

Mandy is a really dirty 43-year-old divorcee I originally contacted through a dating site. It soon became clear she was mainly looking for sex and as I'm in a relationship now she’s a nice bit on the side.

I'm a bit bi and also love to wear panties and suspenders – luckily something that turns Mandy on (after a bit of initial hesitance!) We met a guy recently who gave me my first bi experience, just a bit of touching and oral, and also two couples but normally we just keep things to ourselves.

On this particular day, we were watching porn in Mandy's living room. Tracy and Glenn were out for the day - or so we thought anyway - and I was sitting naked on the sofa with Mandy having a nice slow wank watching porn on her laptop.

I think it was Mandy who noticed them first - two faces pressed against the living room window, grinning.

“Oh shit,” Mandy said, dragging her dressing gown on and going to the door. I heard a bit of a commotion in the kitchen and it turned out they'd had to come back for some car keys. All a bit embarrassing although I must admit I got a bit of a thrill from knowing they'd seen us naked.

I expected them to go off again and didnt bother covering up but suddenly the door swung open and there was Tracy in the doorway, laughing. “Ooo you naughty boy,” she said. “Don’t let us stop you.”

I was a bit taken aback but knew from what Mandy had said that she was a bit of a nutter. I did my best to cover up as Glenn and Mandy followed into the room protesting.

“Come on big boy, show us what you've got, give us a show,” Tracy said laughing.

Mandy tried to pull her out of the room but she was having none of it. “No,” she said. “We'd been watching you for about 10 minutes and I'm horny as fuck now, how about me and Glenn watch you fuck?”

Classy lady, I thought, but the idea turned me on and Glenn seemed well into it too.

I know Mandy and Tracy have had sex with guys together on holiday but wasnt expecting mandy's reply. “Ok,” she said laughing now herself, “if you wanna watch why not. You've seen all of me before, but not Ed I guess, go on get your cock out.”

Heavily turned on, I agreed. “Ok I said, long as you two strip for us?” It was said half jokingly but Tracy wasted no time in peeling off her top to reveal a sexy white lace bra. “Go on Glenn,” she said, “he's bi like you, Mandy's told me, show him your willy.”

Soon the four of us were all naked, Glenn and Tracy standing up, us sitting on the sofa. I noticed Glenn's very big cock was circumcised like mine. It’s a real beauty. Fully erect, it angled straight up before bending back, almost banana like, the tip touching his belly. Pre cum drooled down his shaft as he stood with Tracy and wanked himself with it.

Tracy has a nice little body, slim with small pert tits and big nipples. Her shaved pussy looked inviting as she began giving it a slow wank with two fingers.

“Come on,” said Glenn. “Let’s watch you shag.”

I was happy to oblige, bending Mandy over the sofa with her face in the cushions, I slipped my cock in and began fucking her, slowly at first, then harder.

“Ooo yeah, “Go on, give it to her Ed. Make her cum. It never takes long.”

It was clearly a private joke as the two of them giggled. I could see Tracy fingering herself too, using her other hand to her squeeze her big brown nipples.

Glenn grabbed Mandy’s shoulders and twisted us round so he could feed his big cock into her mouth.

“Go on,” Tracy urged, “give it to her. Ooo yeah.”

She began slapping me on the arse, hard whacks that really turned me on.

“Oh fuck I’m going to cum,” Tracy said, frigging herself hard. “We both watched interestedly as she noisily and unashamedly brought herself off, even squirting a bit as she finished which was something I’d never seen before. More juice oozed lazily out of her splayed labia as she caught her breath.

“God lads I’m so horny,” she said laughing as we continued to pound Mandy from both ends.

“Ed, Mandy’s told me all about you, you big girly tranny! Go and put her knickers on for us. Glenn likes a guy in panties don’t you Glenn?”

Glenn smiled sheepishly. “Yeah go on mate,” he said. “I’ll fuck you if you’re up for it.”

“Dirty bastard,” Tracy laughed.

Horny as fuck I agreed, and went upstairs to change into some of Mandy’s black lacy crotchless panties, my suspenders attached to sheer black stockings. Emerging back downstairs I found Mandy laid out on the sofa with Tracy sitting straddled over her face and Glenn wanking as he stood and watched.

“Wow,” was all Glenn said as I came over to him and wanked his big cock. “Can I fuck you,” he said simply.

“Ok,” I said, a little nervously and got down on all fours. Mandy and Tracy stopped to watch, sitting expectantly on the sofa. “Go on,” I remember Tracy saying, “fuck him, this is amazing.”

I’d never had a cock up me before and Mandy disappeared upstairs for some lube. Tracy got her phone out and began filming as Glenn got down behind me, pulled my knickers to one side, and shoved the tip of his cock into me. It hurt a bit at first but with the two girls urging us on I was soon loving the feel of it as he gently fucked me and wanked my cock.

Tracy stood up, circling us and playing with her cunt as she filmed it all. (I’ve watched it since and it makes for very horny viewing).

Mandy got down on her back in front of me and put her legs on my shoulders. I bent forward and the three of us were together, me with Glenn’s huge cock in my arse while I tongued Mandy’s hot wet pussy.

“I’m gonna cum,” Glenn said. “This is too much more me.”

“Shoot your spunk in his face,” Tracy ordered him, her eyes flashing wickedly.

Glenn pulled out and came round to stand in front of me. Mandy pulled herself away and watched as he gave his cock three or four hard frigs and came heavily in my face and hair, spurting it like a porn star as I knelt there with my mouth open. I have to admit I was loving it.

“Ooo yeah,” said Tracy, as she filmed it. “That’s lovely.”

Mandy reached forward and smeared Glenn’s cum all over my face and then used her spunky hand to wank my cock. I lay down on my back, my face still covered in Glenn’s cum. “Oh fuck,” I remember saying as Glenn bent to suck me, “I’m coming.”

Glenn pulled his mouth away and wanked me to one of the strongest orgasms I’ve ever had, my cum shooting into the air in three or four convulsive bursts as Tracy continued to film.

Since then we’ve had another encounter which I’ll tell you about another time. Hope you enjoyed the story. We’d all love to hear your comments.