Written by Rogermoor

1 Feb 2013

This happened on a ski trip a couple of years ago, I just read it again and thought I'd repost it as it still is one of the horniest things that I have seen happen to my wife.

OK, I've been married for 6 months but been partners for 6 years and to my knowledge nothing like this has happened before...

We went skiing for Christmas and were having a great time. My wife hasn't been skiing for long and being more advanced than her, found myself waiting around a lot or skiing much easier routes. So I booked her into some additional lessons and at the same time decided to take an advanced off piste day with a guide. The night before over a few drinks we were chatting with the instructors in a bar (it was not a big village) and we happened to meet the instructor assigned to my wife. She was gutted because the other 3 instructors were all early 30's and the usual rugged, tanned types. This guy was 50 and not so good looking. Don't ask me why but later in the evening we had a massive argument over nothing, we both said a few things we regretted and went to bed...well she went to bed and I stayed out drinking and ended up on the couch in our apartment.

The next morning was frosty between us and we both went off for our respective lessons without much being said....

I went off for my advanced lesson, there was another guy in my class and we went off with the guide. About an hour into the lesson, this other guy had quite a fall and because of where we were our guide couldn't leave me unattended so we skied back to the village.

Being pretty hungover, I decided to have a kip for an hour and hit the slopes after lunch so headed back to the apartment.

I got to our apartment and there were 2 pairs of skis outside the door. My wife had hired her skis, so I didn't recognise any of them. Letting myself in, I took my ski boots off as quietly as I could and wondering what was what was gong on, I crept along the hall and up the stairs to the bedrooms.

The door was not quite shut and as I approached it my head was spinning as to what I might find. Then I heard them and I knew immediately the woman's 'voice' was my wife. I wanted to bust in and kick the guy into next week, but something stopped me and to this day I don't know what, but I stood by the door and listened, watching through the narrow gap in the door. I figured, well shes cheated on me now, I might as well see what they get up to.

Anyway, as I caught sight of them properly I could see her naked on all fours being fucked from behind by her instructor and when I say fucked, I mean pounded, this guy was really slamming into her and she was groaning like I have never heard her before.

That was when I realised I was also getting a raging hard on...how could I find my wife cheating on me a turn on!?! But it was and I found myself massaging the bulge in my ski trousers.

They carried on like this for some minutes, she was actually asking him to do it harder. At one point he was taking his cock right out, then slamming it back into her. Don't ask how but I could see by the look on her face and the way she was ordering this guy to fuck her harder she was getting me back for what I had said the night before, I could also see she was loving every minute of it. Her groaning was getting louder and louder until she shuddered hard and came really loudly. This guy was 50 and was going at her like a 20 year old. Then all of a sudden he took his cock out of her and I could see him whispering in her ear. Next, he literally stuffed her face into the pillows and pulled her butt up higher...I couldn't believe what I was about to see, we had anal sex 5/6 times in all the 6 years we were together and here she was giving it up for this guy.

He slowly pushed the tip of his cock into her and I could tell she was trying to stop him, but he held her tight and just kept still for a few seconds, then I could tell he was pushing into her again and once more he stopped. He did this again until all of his (I would guess 7") cock was buried in her ass. To start with he just rocked back and forwards and after a short while began slowly thrusting. At first she was howling like a cat as he must have hurt her and then to my amazement she started moaning, it got louder and louder, as her moaning got louder his thrusting strokes got longer and harder. He must have pounded her ass for around 2/3 minutes and she came again while he fucked her ass, then all of a sudden he pulled out his cock and blew his load over her ass cheeks.

She just lay face down and exhausted on the bed, while he go changed. I hid out of view in the spare bedroom until he left, then 2 minutes later, peeked through the gap in the door and could see her tidying up. I quietly walked to our apartment door and opened and closed it loudly and shouted up to my wife.

When I walked into the room she was all flushed and told me she didn't fancy the lesson and had skied for a while on her own which was why she looked 'puffed out' I said I was sorry for the night before and while we were both back at the apartment, we should make up after last nights row. I could tell be the look on her face, she knew I would know what had been going on if I went near her, so she made an excuse and said she wanted a shower. I lay on the bed and waited for her, when she came out she threw herself at me but made a beeline for my cock and went down on me, I guess she thought if she could make me cum I wouldn't go near her probably very sore ass and pussy. To be fair I was still incredibly turned on and raging hard from what I had just seen and with her giving me one of her most enthusiastic blow jobs ever, it wasn't long before I was pumping my load into her willing mouth.

Later that evening I told her exactly what I had seen and I thought it would either be the end of things or the start of something new. Luckily it was the start of something new. Our sex life is even better and she is more eager than before to take my cock in her ass when I like, I wouldn't say alls well that ends well, but there have been some benefits.