Written by ROBERT

2 Feb 2010

I have been on this website many times reading the stories and also discovered my wife too had also visited this site on a number of occassions by looking through her browser history on the PC. My wife Paula and I have been married for coming up to 17 years and have 3 wonderful children, we have a fantastic sex life still to this day and have always experimented but nothing untowards.My wife is 39 years of age and has kept her figure exceptionally well.

Paula has 34d boobs and a size 10 she is 5\7 in height and has brown hair,she is very curvy and has a beautiful bottom,still very firm and shaves her pussy regularly.

We have both worked very hard for what we have achieved in our lifestyle and in our home.We have a 3 bedroomed semi detached house with garage and conservatory and live in the outskirts of a town very near the countryside where we get fantastic views.

So let me tell you what happened?

A couple of weeks ago Paula had the day off work, she said she was going to do a bit of shopping and do some housework before picking the kids up from school.I left for work at 7.45am as usual and always like to get too the office for around 8.15am so i can have a brew and a quick glance through the morning paper,Anyway on my way too work my battery light came on the dashboard so i pulled over to the nearest layby and opened my bonnet to see my alternator smoking. I rang the office to explain i maybe late and then proceeded to ring the RAC, they attended within 30 minutes and told me i could be towed home or to the nearest dealership to have the alternator replaced, I decided to take it to the dealership thinking i would be back on the road in a couple of hours.

cut a long story short,they did not have the part until later in the afternoon and therefore i decided to leave it with them and pick it up in the morning on my way back into work.

I left all my details and contact number in case there was a problem and left the premises.By now it was nearly 10.30am so i rang the office and told them to put me down for a days holiday and that i would be in work the next day, they duly obliged and I ended up getting the bus home.

As I returned home and onto the driveway I could hear Eric whistling and the usual noise that window cleaners ladders make when they bang them against your wall (unintentionally of course).As I opened the front door and walked in there was silence,as i looked through the living room door I could see Paula on the computer watching PORN the scene was a woman getting fucked by two blokes in every orafice you could think of and Paula still dressed in her bathrobe was exploring down between her legs,gently rubbing and then sliding her hand up towards her left tit and squeezing her nipple until fully erect.

I stood there for a while as silent as possible totally unaware to Paula,I watched her for what seemed like ages and my cock was rock hard.

After a few minutes Paula must have heard Eric cleaning the rear door and shut the computer down.I didnt want too walk in then in case i embarrased her knowing that she may have been seen by myself while pleasuring herself, so the opposite door to the living room door goes into the garage so i thought i would hide in their for ten minutes and then pretend i had just returned home.At the back of the garage is a rear door which takes you into the garden and just before that is another door which takes you into the kitchen. As i walked to the back of the garage and looked through the kitchen door i saw Paula opening the blinds of the conservatory but not fully only partially and then she went to the laundry room and pulled out the mop and bucket.I could hear Eric come down the ladders after cleaning the bathroom window and one of the bedroom windows (the other is out of reach due to the conservatory).

Paula filled the bucket with water and started to mop the floor in the conservatory, moving the dining table and chairs and as she did this she knew Eric was at the windows of the conservatory cleaning them. With every move of a chair her bathrobe would open and expose her bare breasts of which Eric would have had a right eyeful,but it gets even better.By now i had my cock in my hand and was wanking to a gentle rythym and thinking you dirty bitch you are loving it,as she bent over away from me i could see she was pantieless and judging by the swelling of her pussy lips she was very turned on.

She proceeded to carry on mopping and at every opportunity she pretended to be scraping dirt off the floor with her finger nail and as you can imagine she was bent right over showing her beautifully shaved pussy in the direction of Eric. I decided to look outside the rear door and saw Eric who had stopped cleaning at this point rubbing his groin area while discreetly peeping through the blinds.

We have a radiator in that room and Paula decided to clean underneath it on all fours and as she pretended to stretch her bathrobe rode up to the top of her beautiful peached arse and as she exaggerated every move, her legs parted to open her lips even further and exposing her bumhole,Eric had his cock in his hand and was wanking furiously I too was doing the same and what she did next got us both to a climax.

The mop bucket was at her side and the mop was behind her,she reached between her legs with her left hand and parted her pussy lips and with her right hand grabbed the mop handle and rubbed it up and down her now very wet slit,after a few rubs she inserted about 2 inches into her love hole slowly and then worked up a faster rythym inserting an inch with every move until there was about 7 inches deep inside her. Eric came within a few minutes all over the very window he was cleaning and I came a few seconds later,Paula shuddered with what seemed a multiple orgasm and within seconds scurried off upstairs to hide i can only presume her embarrassment on what she had just done.

I decided it was my chance to get out of there and after 15 minutes i returned still horny as hell knowing what i had just seen and as i walked to the front door Eric was just leaving.I said hello very sheepishly and he adknowledged me as i went indoors Paula was still in her bathrobe,I explained about the car and why i wasnt in work and i asked what she had been up too,she just said nothing much,a bit of cleaning. I am going to get cctv installed to see if this is a permanent thing or wether it was a oneoff, but i must admit it was the horniest thing i have ever witnessed and now we often have sex in front of our bedroom window with blinds ajar and i am trying to get Paula to give me a show outdoors of which i will keep you informed. WATCH THIS SPACE