Written by sexysally069

11 Nov 2011

After putting all the drinks on the tray i went back into the lounge, i looked around nearly dropping the tray as all 5 of them were naked sat on the chairs as i went round with the drinks they all took the chance to squeeze a boob,or feel my bum or pussy. Then Colin called me to him and with a remote control in his hand he said its time to pass the parcel (Me)he started the music and i had to go around and sit on their laps one by one,i was sat on Stevens lap when the music stopped and he took off my apron i moved on and landed on Jasons lap he said to me take the dress off so i stood and stepped out of it, i was very turned on at the thought of being naked in front of so many men i am sure if you could have seen my pussy it would have dripping with juice.

I moved on and landed on Stevens lap he said get that g-string off i stood up as he peeled it down my legs,i was off again and ended up on Lewis,s lap he held me in his lap and sitting to bend forward and take my heels off i could feel his cock stirring under me.I moved on and stopped at Steven and now Colin and Lewis piped up and said Happy birthday you can have your present now, Colin told me to kneel on the floor said Steven is going to have you first,but we want to see you suck his cock. So Steven sat on the floor in front of me, i looked up at his young face which looked so innocent a few weeks ago when i first saw him, i looked at his semi hard cock it was nearly as long as Colins but not so thick i told him to lean back and knelt between his spread legs and holdin the lond shaft i summoned some spit and began to lick along the length of it, as i did i could feel it growing in my hand and give a twitch i licked to the tip and watched as the skin drew back to reveal a purple head.

I ran my tongue all around the head, then opened my mouth and slipped my lips over it i gave it a couple of sucks and let my tongue play on it as it filled my mouth i took it deeper glancing up at his face ,Steven smiled back i teased it with my teeth and began to bob my head on it. I heard Colin say steady on we dont want him to cum in your mouth yet i dribbled some spit on the head of it, i lifted my head and turned around on all4s, i heard Steven kneel up as Lewis said something to him and holding his young cock he rubbed the head of it up and down my spread pussy lips and slowly fed his cock into me. He held me by my waist until he was buried deep inside me i was on the verge of cumming and he slowly began to fuck me, Lewis spoke and Steven ran a wet finger over my bum hole and i had to cry out and tell him i was cumming all over his young cock as he sped up fucking me and then it felt like he was pumping gallons of his seed in me coating my insides and collapsed on my back as i could feel him pumping the last drops into me.

Steven slipped out of me and said here you are Simon, as his brother slid off the seat and knelt behind me again,Simons cock needed no sucking as it was hard from what he had seen,Colin gave me a cushion for my head as i dropped the top half of my body down with my bum in the air.Simon held his cock pushing it into me it felt so hard as he held my hips as Lewis was talking to him and he was soon deep inside me as well and sliding back an forth in the added lubrication. I was so horny i was pushing my bum back to meet his thrusts i could feel him about to make me cum again, i said out loud your cock is filling me up and Oh! i am cumming, Oh dear Simon fuck me please,fillme with your young seed and he said Yes! Yes! babe i am cumming as well and we both collapsed on the floor. T.B.C,