Written by sexysally069

15 Nov 2011

I got up as Colin lay back on the cushions on the floor, Colin asked me to kneel astride him but facing his feet,i got into position and knelt up reached behind for his hard cock and placed the tip between my wet pussy lips and lowered myself down until he was embedded inside me. Colin held my hips as i slowly lifted and sunk back on to his cock ,he called Simon over who had a very hard cock from watching and stood between Colins spread legs so he could give me his cock to suck. I was enjoying holding on to Simons balls and cock as i licked his length and took him deeper into my mouth,Colin was thrusting his hips up to meet mine as i bounced on his cock.

After watching the action it didnt take long for Simon to grab my head holding it still as he fucked my mouth and while nesarly choking me with the head of his cock at the back of my throat ,he jettisoned his warm seed down my throat i had to pull my head back a bit so i could get some air as i swallowed his warm seed, mean while Colin had reached around to rub my clit as i rode his hard cock as his fingers touched it i had another cum and a few seconds later Colin was filling my pussy with his warm seed.

Simon moved aside as Steven came over to give me his hard cock to suck i licked up and down his length before placing my lips over the dark purple head sucking it deep into my mouth, he had his fingers in my hair holding my head as he began to fuck my wet and willing mouth, i was still wriggling around on Colins softening cock and managed another cum as he played with my clit. Then Steven said I am cumming and holding my head still between his hands he bucked with his hips and put another lot of seed down my throat he stood there as i sucked every last drop from his lovely cock. T.B.C