Written by dave-walker

23 Jun 2008

this is a true story of the night i caught my ex fucking her young lover in the front room of the house. this happened about 6yrs ago we had problems and id moved out to a friends house, one night out in the local bar i saw emma chatting to a young lad of about 22, emma was 40 at the time but looked much younger size 10/12 34c tits and really big long nipples (how i loved them!!!)and always was a huge flirt.

as the night wore on i saw them again this time a lot closer touching each others hands she clearly wanted him id seen that look so many times, i decided to go get some food and go home, on my way to my mates house, a few hundred yards in front i saw them walking hand in hand turning towards her/my house, at first i was mad/jealous but i then kinda got really aroused by the thought of this young lad with my wife.

i followed them to the house keeping a safe distance so\'s not to be seen, as they went through the door i quickly hid in the front garden for a few minutes, waited for the light to come on and the curtains to be drawn, as i went up to the window hoping to hear what they were doing to my huge exitement there was good sized gap in the curtains not a brilliant view but big enough to see the sofa this lad was sat on.

my heart was pounding with exitement and the fear of being caught, i couldnt see emma thought she must be in the kitchen but no she appeared through the door in her white vest top pyjamas no bra her very erect nipples poking through the almost see through top smiled and sat next to him on the sofa,

they said a few words then kissed each other very passionaitley his hands feeling ems tits and squeezing her nipples, he was clearly aroused by this judging by the bulge in his jeans.

i cant believe what im seeing i didnt really care if i was caught as nw her top was off his eager mouth was straight away sucking on her lovely tits she was in heaven, as he went to kiss her she moved away then started to undo his jeans, she eased them off along with his boxer shorts to reveal his very big erect cock, she kissed him again then lowered her head down to his cock and began to give him the best bj he\'d probably had, i now had my cock out wanking furiously at the sight of my then wife sucking this young lads cock like a porn star.

as she stopped and kissed him he pulled down her pants to reveal a very well trimmed pussy much shorter than id seen it before he then started to push 1 then 2 fingers into her she was very wet it wasnt long before he had 4 fingers sliding slowley in and out of her, she ws now moaning very loudly and in heaven and so ws i, it is such a horny sight to see your wife being pleasured by a young lad.

after a few minutes of more finger fucking he took off his shirt then laid emma on the floor wasnt the best of views as he slowley pushed his big cock into her she let out a very loud \"oh yes\" even i heard it outside, he started to really pound her she was in heaven ive never heard her scream like that before, he then turned her over on all fours and fucked her doggy style i put my ear to the window she was screaming \"fuck me harder\" i shot my load all over the path at that point it was such an amazing sight n sound,

he stopped after she must have cum 2 or 3 times turned her over then went down on her soaking wet pussy, this made her moan even louder till she cud take no more, she pulled his head up kissed him and did some thing she never did to me, laid him down squatted over his cock slowley sliding up and down on his big cock this only lasted a few moments as she stopped moved slowly down and sucked his cock till he was clearly at the point of coming and swallowed it all, i was hard and wanking and came very quickly again .

they collapsed together laughing and joking he fucked her twice more the third tme he shot his spunk on her tits and licked it off then kissed her, i wanked myself till it hurt, then did a runner before he left.

i did move back in for a year shortly after the sex was amazing but it didnt last, i have a story about her fucking my mate in the nxt bed when she thought i ws asleep drunk next time