Written by shy Paula

17 Nov 2009

This is the continuation from the first part of my experience catching the plumber wanking into my knickers.I had come back after parking the car around the corner. As entered the bedroom catching again he had a look of shear anguish on his face. Just has I thought he was at it again, I asked him if he had done this every day, to which he stuttered a yes. He then fled to the bathroom collected his tools and fled to his van. As he got into his van I popped head around the kitchen door and said, see you tomorrow.

Well that night in bed, I told my husband that i had caught him again licking the gusset of my knickers. Right put your knickers back on, what i asked. leave your knickers on while I fuck you, let him get the full flavour of your sweet pussy. My husband played with me for half an hour while telling me how Keith is going suck my knickers. I was absolutely soaking by the time my husband removed them before fucking me hard. I was taken by surprise as my husband fucked me faster and faster. Then as he filled my pussy he kept shouting fuck her, Keith fuck her. This set of my orgasm which was so heavy it wet the sheet, and my mind was in a whirl.

Next morning I putt my clothes in the laundry basket with my knickers at the top. Keith did not arrive until 10-30 I thought he was not coming after yesterday. I told him that I was going shopping and he looked at me rather sheepishly. I did go shopping but came home around 12-30. I went up stairs and noticed that the lid of the laundry basket was not on properly. Upon investigating I found my knickers, but they were lower down the basket than where I had left them.I took my knickers into the bathroom where he was working. So Keith still lickings my knickers are you. He said I am so sorry, but i cant help it, I just love the taste of your fanny.

I have to admit i was feeling aroused by now, I walked forward to him and just blurted out well, are you going to suck my pussy then.

What he replied, you heard me, are you going to suck my pussy, my husband wants you to. I just took him by the hand and led him to the bedroom. Right Keith come on lick my pussy for real, I lay back and pulled my dress up over my tummy. He was between my legs like lighting, and was licking my pussy through my knickers. Here I was with the plumber, who only a short time ago had repulsed me. Now he was licking my knickers and sucking my juice's for real. He moved further up and kissed me full on the lips, I could taste my own juice from his mouth. This sent me over the top as my orgasm hit full on.

He then knelt up and removed my knickers and started to lick the gusset. Is this what you want see Paula, hey is it ? see me licking you knickers again, is it ?. I leyed and watched as he began to wank, it was like i was under the influence. Faster and faster he wanked then at the last minute he put my kickers around his cock. He was shaking all over as he filled them with his creamy white spunk. All the while shouting Paula,Paula,ooorrrhhh Paula, fuck me. His words had a profound affect on me as I felt myself wanting him to fuck me. Keith stood up and it was the first time that I had taken a good luck at his cock. It was about the same length as my husbands but a lot thicker.

He stripped me naked , but as he did I put my arms over my tummy. I was try to cover up my fat tummy but Keith pulled them away and started to kiss my tummy. All the time he was telling what a sexy body i have, and the he wanted to feel my tummy. Come on Paula tell me what you want, well come on tell me, do you want my cock in your big round arse.. Now I wanted him badly enough and it no longer seamed mattr that i am a size 14 round and fat.