Written by shy Paula

16 Nov 2009

I would like to introduce my self my name is Paula, I am 37 years old. I have been happily married to my husband for 17 years. We have a nice house, my husband keeps to the custom i enjoy, so i have no need to work. I am five feet six and a size 14 with large breast and a large round bottom and a belly. I dont bother about my size as my husband likes me the way I am. Well just recently we had a new kitchen and bathroom installed by our local plumber. He is a nice guy, name is Keith and he has done work for us in the past.

It was on one Thursday morning i left to go shopping [my favorite pastime}and I told him i would be out all day. Well I trolled the shops until about 1 pm when I got bored and went home. I came in through the back door which leads through the laundry room. Upon entering i was completely taken aback to see Keith stood there with his jeans round his ankles. Not just that, but he was wanking into a pair of my dirty knickers while he had anther pair held to his mouth. He was liking the gusset and calling my name out loud.

I went berserk and told him he was a dirty filthy man and to gather up his tools and get out of my house. Iowas really seething, I tied to get hold of my husband at work but he was in a meeting. I was still angry when my husband came home that evening, and I said we should phone his wife. My husband no way, he is a nice guy, but he was licking my knickers and wanking. My husband just leave it, this is something men like to do. You know how i like to eat your pussy, I know but your married to me, he said, look just leave it and i will phone him. My husband phoned and i could not believe my ears when he invited him back to finish the work.

I sat there thinking,, and all could see in my mind was him sucking my knickers. I then decided that I would say nothing to his wife. Then Saturday night in bed my husband was feeling randy and he was caressing my boobs while talking to me. He then said well my darling this morning while you were out, i sucked the gusset of your knickers just like Keith did. He said its amazing that Keith has tasted your pussy, licked all of your knickers. Then as he talked he said just imaging him here now stoking you tummy while he licks you juicy wet pussy.

I was shocked that not only what he was saying but my pussy was leaking juice ,and i had not even been touched. Them my husband put his hand between my legs, fucking hell your soaking. You horny cow you want him lick dont you?.

He was correct at that moment in time I was imagining that Keith was between my legs. In bed the next night our love making took the same vain. For the next week we fucked every night and it always involved Keith,s name. My husband asked if i really wanted to fuck him, no of course not. Why not he asked, because i am married to you.

But his reply shocked me when he said i want you to fuck him, I want you to feel his cock inside, I want him to fuck you hard, and fill you full of spunk. I want you to be a slut,a dirty fucking whore. My pussy was ringing with the thought of him fucking me. Oh god here I was thinking of Keith as my husband fucked me. So on the Monday my husband went off to work, Keith arrived and he said he was sorry for what he had done. I just told him to forget it, and that i had over reacted. I told him the I was off out, But I only drove the car round the corner, then after twenty minutes walked back to the house.

I knew Keith would have thought that I had gone out for a while. So I approached the house and I came in through the back door again. I could not see Keith, I quietly climbed the stairs and as I neared the top I could see him in my bedroom. He had dropped his jeans and briefs,, he was wanking his cock while he licked the gusset of my knickers.

I stood and watched as he began to wank faster and faster then at the last minute he put my knickers around his cock. He was shaking all over as he filled them with spunk while all the time he was shouting my name Paula , Puala, Puala, ooohhh Paula, fuck me Paule. It was then I walked in on him,, you should have seen the look of shock on his face.