Written by Pel

8 Nov 2008

I arrived home early & after parking the car in the drive I opened the front door & started to walk upstairs to change out of my work suit in the back bedroom.

As I walked up the stairs I heard a slight moaning coming from our bedroom, suspecting that my wife was up to something I continued very quietly until I was on the landing outside our bedroom, the door was only open about sie inches but I could see what was happening from the reflection from our fitted wardrobe door which have full size mirrors on them.

My wife was lying on the bed slowly touching herself, this was something I had never seen before.

She was caressing her right breast whilst slowly rubbing her clitorus. I watched in fasination as she become more engrossed in what she was doing, her breath & her movements becoming faster.

After a few minetes she finished with her breast & slowly started to insert fingers into her vagina whilst maintaing the rubbing of her clitorus.

I was spellbounded, she was now making love to herself in a very enthusiastic fashion, her hips were starting to lift off the bed in time with her finger thrusts & the whole thing was becoming faster.

Although I was very aroused by this I forced myself to continue watching & not touch myself. She was building to a climax and it was beautiful to watch.

When she had finished she collapsed back onto the bed & appeared to completely relax. With this I crept downstairs & quietly opened the front door & went outside & closed it.

After I had put some things in the garage I made a noise opening the front door shouting out Hi I'm home.

I went to the back bedroom as originally planned, showered & changed then entered our bedroom & my wife was there sorting out her drawers.

She never knew.