Written by jon

17 Jun 2009

i come across this site because i was looking to see if i was normal..

i have alway dream of watching my wife with another man but throught i was a bit odd.my wife is a pretty 32yr old lady and a bit prim and proper and a few yrs ago i got a bit drunk and asked her if i could watch her with another man and she was angry that i could suggest something like that so i never mentioned it again and forgot about..

About three weeks ago a friend of ours split up with her husband and was upset so my misses went around to see her and i stayed at home and watched tv about 4 hrs later and about 8.00pm it was getting dark so i thought i better phone and see if she wanted me to pick her up but i could get hold of her her phone just went to voice mail.

I thought i better walk round because i was worried something might have happen and i also needed to get some cigerettes from the garage.

I went to our friends home first and knock on the door she opened the door and i asked if sara was there and she replied no she has just left i thought oh well i must have missed so i went to the garage.

On the way i took a short cut across the local park and i saw sara sitting on a bench talking to someone i smiled to myself and thought she cant resist a chat and i start to walk towards her but as i was walking over the man moved in front of sara so his back was towards me and i couldnt see sara and i stopped in my track i looked thay were kissing no i thought and then it hit me she hadnt been to our friends she was having a fling so i thought i would watch and see what was happening and i hid behind a bushy shub as i sat there i could see them kissing and here sounds of faint laughter \"At first i was i bit angry and a bit turned on\" this went on for 10 or so mins and then i could here someone coming from behind me and i turn around to see a man in his 30s walking towards me he walked straight passed me and toward sara and the other chap they greeted each other and started messing about more laughter and then the other man put his hand up sara shirt she quickly pushed it away but by the laughter she didnt mine it and then the man must have warned them that there was a men lurking in the bushes because the laughter stopped and they stared into my direction.

A few mins passed and by now it was getting dark and the three of them stared to walk towards a wooded area and in to it.

Once they were out of sight a run across the common and stopped on the outskirts of the woods and lisened i couldnt here a thing so i slowly entered the woods knowing what was going to happen as i went deeper into the woods i could here them talking so i couched down the woods floor had ferns growing so i crawled towards an oak tree they were sitting just behind it.

As i got closer i could here the second man saying come on give one of us a blow job followed by some laughter and then sara said no because you will tell everyone.

i crawled a bit more till i couldnt get any closer i could see sara but not the two men and she was sitting on her coat,

And then he said well how about opening your leg a bit she giggled

and again said no you will tell and both voices replied promise our lips are shut she giggle and and i stared at her she raised her legs up to her chest and slowly turn her head away from the two men and open them then close them \"the two where phawww\"turn her head back i could see her blushing but loving the teasing,

i had the biggest boner ever and had to turn on my side to release myself it was dark now but with some light from the moon.And then one said do we get a blow job now and she stood up and said i really need to get home maybe next time.

i really wanted to shout go on but didnt.

she then added blowjobs take two long and i get no pleasure she then lifted her skirt and pulled down her knickers calmly saying as she was doing this be quick as my husband will be wondering were i am so whos first..

they were both at here side kissing her on the lips,neck it was really frantic she was doing the same back.

I could just about make out her hand rubbing at one of there chotch and thay both reached down under her skirt lifting it back up as there hand got higher she down tipped her head back and stood with parted legs moaning as both men playing with then a voice said lay down and without question she was on her back with her legs open waiting and instantly the ching of a belt then he pulled his trouser down and layed on top of her i heard her make aloud noisy and he asked her if she was ok she moaned and said dont stop and he started again the slapping sound and her moans were so loud i cum without having to do anything the first time that had ever happen i just want to jump out of the fern and straight on top of her.They were only at it for 4or5 min before he said im gona cum and between her moan she shouted dont stop dont stop which change to ahhhhh cum in me ahhhh cum in me and then the slapping slowed down and then shopped with an ahhhh from the man And then he stood up pulled his trousers up and said i will wait at the bench and he walk of sara and the first man layed there kissing then said honesly i cant be much longer so be quick and her leg slid open waiting for him to get on her he pulling his trouser down just passed his bum cheeks this time there was no slapping and just faint moans he made more noisy then she did i could see anything by now so i listen the shuffling went on for a few mins and that was it they both stood up and walked off.

BY NOW THE ADRENERLINE was whereing of and felt wow ive seen sara with two men and i layed there and started to wank and thought i wonder if she would let me have so i got up and walk out of the woods.

The three of them had gone so i walked back across the common and could see the two men walk in the oppersite direction to our house so i walk home knowing sara would be there i got across the common and could see her so i call and jogged up to her. she nerviously asked were i had been so i said i need a ciggy so i was going to the garage i then said down you want to come with me and she said im tried and drunk to much and are friend home so so was gonna go home.havent mention to her what i saw but needless to say every time she goes to our friend house i go to the woods.

jon... lowestoft/suffolk