Written by pantysniffer

8 Mar 2010

I can never resist a chance to have a rumage in a dirt washing basket for a pair or 2 of used knickers to have a sniff of, One of many such chances arouse a few years back when we were asked to look after the neighbors gold fish and feed it while they went away for a weeknd break with the kids. I would go around there and feed the fish then make straight for the dirty washing basket in their bedroom dam just my luck the door was locked but with the help of a key I was able to turn the lock and open it.After a breif search I found my prize a dirty pair of knickers not a huge pussy stain in them but enough to put to my nose and sniff and start to wank off. She wears siz3 16 knickers and her ass is gorgeous to look at and her tits and well impressive they were all I could look at one day when I dropped a parcel around on a hot summers afternoon when she answerd the door in shorts and a bikini top. As I was in their bedroom sniffing her knickers they arrived back home earlier then I expected and I barely had enough time to put the knickers back and exit their room but was unable to hide my tracks completly as I wasnt able to lock the door again I was only half way down the stairs when she walked in through the front door. Oh shit I thought how do I explain this the goldfish was in the back room downstairs.Fortuenatly with the kids comming through the door along with the dog all hell broke out and I was able to walk out the door with out getting quized as to why I was on the stairs. Well thats what I thought at the time but it seems women never forget and a few months later I found myself having to explain to her what I had been upto which leads me in to another story of what happend.