Written by pantysniffer

8 Mar 2010

As I said a women never forgets and a few weeks afterwards I was to be quized by her as to the why and what I had been up to.I was outside putting washing on the line when we got chatting over the fence as she put her washing out, as the chat progressed she finaly asked me why was I comming down the stairs the other day in their house and why was her bedroom door open.Strange noise upstairs was my first thought but said something about needing the loo with my face going red and my eyes trying to avoid hers.Why was the lid on her dirty washing basket opened ummmm pass and why was my underwear on top and damp.Ok I thought lets try and joke my way out she wouldnt belive it so I said well you have such a good body and I couldnt resist having a peek to see if your ass and tits are the same size as my wifes ( We get on well but dont socialise).Well am I was her reply! ekkk umm no I didnt get to find out.Make a acuppa she said I will be around in a min and you can find out.She came around and further quized me on my visit to her room and came out with I think you were up to something else you had been playing with my underwear I couldnt reply but she just said I'm offended that you have abused the trust Does your wife know about where I caught you no I said do you want me to tell her she said No I replied.Well seeing as you didnt get a good look at them here they are now as she pulled the thong out of her jean pocket,unless you want me to tell your wife what you had been doing you had better show me what you like to do to womens knickers.So I pulled them to my nose and had a sniff of them they werent the dirtiest pair I have ever sniffed usually my wife leaves good marks in hers but my neighbor only had a little mark in her but it was still good to sniff. She then siad to me to get my cock out and show her what size it was. I did as I was told and took my jeans off to show her my average size cock. Thicker then my husbands but about the same length she said would you like to see my knickers I have on today I just nodded and she lowerd her jeans to show a purple pair with a lacy front tanga style knickers. She sat on the sofa across the room from me and watched me wank and sniff her knickers.Would you like to be closer to this she said as her fingers brusher over her gusset Yes please I said she just looked at me and said You got no chance Mr I just want you to show me what you wanted to do and I will enjoy teasing and watching you. So I just carried on wanking and sniffing and licking her knickers and watching her fingers just brush over her gusset of her knickers but not rubbing herself in any way.The tease carries on for 20 mins or so my arm graduly becommin tired from the wanking but eventually I cum boy wasnt it a releif as I cum she then just pulls her jeans up and takes her knickers away from me and says. That is the last time you will ever get this close to my knickers again.With that she turns and leaves. We still speak but I get the impression that its a conversation at arms length shame I would have loved to had the chance of more sniffing but I got caught and punished in a differant kind of way.