Written by Bill

21 Aug 2007

We've been together for 10 years or so, both early 40's and in reasonable shape. I've always liked to wear female underwear while solo wanking but hadnt a lot since we met up. As things were a bit quite on the nooky front I drifted back into raiding her undie drawer for my wanking sessions. A usual session would see me dressing up in bra and panties, putting on some make up and getting out her rabbit or the strapon that I had bought but which we had never used. I particularly liked a padded bra which give me the illusion that I had nice tits and usually ended up with a well lubed dildo in my ass. I always found these solo sessions satisfying and it probably stopped me from trying to explore my fantasies with O.

One afternoon recently I was looking forward to her going out and couldnt wait to get into some sexy undies. 30 minutes after she left I got undressed in the bedroom and selected my favourite panties and the usual padded bra. I applied some make up and got out the toys. I was lying on the bed with a dildo in my ass very aroused when I heard a car pull up. I had just managed to get the dildo out and was in the process of removing the panties wondering how the fcuk am I going to explain this as there was no way I could restore the place if she came into the bedroom. The front door opened and she called out my name. I was terrified....what would she think, would she be turned off, would it ruin whatever sex life we had left.

I shouted out that I was in the bedroom and I could hear her footsteps turn and make for the bedroom. At this stage I was under the covers with the toys covered up beneath the duvet.

"You OK?" She asked, "Fine, bit of a headache" I replied, feeling a bit lightheaded. She looked at me as if she didnt quite believe me and said that she hoped I wasnt going solo. She sat on the side of the bed but I had the duvet up to my neck as I still had the bra on. She put her hand under the cover and immediately touched the rabbit that I had covered up. "oh you have been playing" she said pulling back the covers. Its fair to say that my dick, which minutes previously felt like it was 2 foot tall had practically shrivelled to invisibility. "What are you up to?" I couldnt tell if it was a playful tone or an accusation....To be continued.....