Written by JP

6 Sep 2013

If you have read any of my previous postings you will know that I have a predilection for wanking, naked, in front of clothed women. I've had one or two interesting moments and last weekend had a very unexpected encounter.

My wife and I had been away for a weekend break and were enjoying the last few moments by the pool before having to check out. I agreed to go up to the room first to finish the packing and get showered etc whilst she would follow me up shortly. I'd finished packing and was in the shower and feeling a bit horny - so started to have a wank.

On hearing the door to the room open then slam shut I thought I'd surprise my wife so wandered into the bedroom rubbing my cock and saying "what do you think of that then?!" "Very nice" said a slightly startled chamber maid, "please don't stop on my account!" She was just my type - a slightly older blonde, curvy figure and a definite twinkle in her eye. I moved towards her, but she just said "oh no, you're on your own - just get on with it". Never one to let an opportunity like this pass I carried on stroking my cock slowly, really stretching the foreskin back so that it was almost painful then gradually increasing speed as the precum started to flow and I could feel that familiar tingling starting to grow.

She had edged in closer by now and suddenly stopped me, dribbled saliva over my cock then told me to carry on. I did the same and the sensation gradually became unbearable. I could smell her perfume and her breathing got heavier as she sort of hugged herself whilst watching intently. She kept calling me a dirty wanker and telling me to go faster. She was so close by now that I thought she was going to give me a blowjob, but she just kept out of reach and urged me on. By now I could hardly hold out any longer as my balls tightened and I shouted that I was about to come. She moved back as I exploded all over the floor and as I groaned in pleasure she just skipped out of the room saying "and don't leave that for me to clear up!"

I had just managed to tidy up and jump back in the shower when my wife came in. I passed my friend in the hallway as we left and she winked at me and mouthed "see you soon!" I hope we can get back again before too long as it certainly put a spring in my step and a smile on my face!