Written by Chalk & Cheese

5 Jul 2009

Chalk and cheese PT 1

Having been an avid fan of the stories that appear here I thought it was about time I relayed my own for others to enjoy or whatever. I will write them in three separate parts one is not connected to two and three but do give an insight into how different women can be “chalk and cheese” especially in the bedroom! Not that you need to be told that I’m sure.

Part one goes back over twenty years to when I was in my early twenties the girl I was going out with at the time and had been for the past two years was a very attractive girl called Sarah she had a stunning figure and although three years younger than me was very sexually open and totally uninhibited. Although tame by today’s standards we did everything back then that would be considered main stream today, she loved to have her pussy shaved and then encouraged me to take pictures on my Polaroid (no digital then and no way you could get them developed at Boots!) of her naked with vibrators in her pussy whilst she openly fingered her arse she loved anal sex and we regularly twisted ourselves into allsorts of positions to try and get a picture of my cock buried inside her.

She was the first girl I had ever been with that squirted during orgasm and indeed the first time even she thought she had pissed herself but we soon learnt together by reading magazines like Forum that this was that elusive gift enjoyed by a few women. The amount of fluid that she squirted meant that it required a towel underneath her or the bed linen would have to be changed.

Our sex life included outdoor sex in the summer and we were caught on several occasions by walkers and the like which Sarah always seemed to find a big turn on. I even remember on one occasion returning from a night out in the back of another couples car, when Sarah gave me a blow job on the back seat on the way home, it turned her on that the other couple were embarrassed. She took my cum in her mouth and then asked her female friend to turn the interior light on so she could repair her makeup!

At the time I used to work away from home quite a lot, once I returned a day earlier than expected and thought I would surprise Sarah by turning up at her house. I could not get her to answer the door so thinking she was in the shower I used my own key to let myself in. Oh my god on entering her bedroom I saw her in bed, well actually on the bed stark naked with another guy. I called her a fucking bitch and left the house sat in my car and stared into space trying to come to terms with what I had seen. It must have been a good 15 minutes later Sarah emerged from the house in her dressing gown and tapped on the window of the car. We both sat in the car talking and somehow she managed to convince me that is was not her fault she needed sex all the time, I even felt sorry for her and blamed myself for going away from home too often leaving her all alone.

She even suggested that I came back into the house and we all had fun together in bed as she put it, I declined and went home still distraught that she had been unfaithful to me. How I wish now I could turn the clock back and have had the bottle to enjoy a threesome, but at the tender age of twenty I guess I was not ready for that sort of thing.

We split up after the above events and although we did meet up occasionally for sex I never could really forgive her for being unfaithful. As a foot note she told me a while afterwards that she felt nothing for the other guy but did get a buzz out of being unfaithful. She even referred to one occasion when she had got me to shave her pussy knowing that she would be fucking him later that night when I had gone home. She got a kick out of me unknowingly preparing her body for her lover. She also told of how she would have a little competition with herself to see how narrow she could get the time span between him fucking her and me fucking her. Her record was one hour and twenty minutes !!!

Watch out for part two