Written by couple4fun london

2 Feb 2007

Hi Swingingheaven,

We have just returned from a great holiday in Florida and we had a particularly good time in Quay West. We stayed for 6 days and while we were there we were introduced to Chameleon jewellery. It was widely worn by folk there who were into body sharing with others. We noticed in several bars that lots of people were wearing brooches, earrings, lapel badges and pendants. One girl had a belly button bar with the chameleon. A couple we got chatting to told us it was to identify other swingers or people who are free to have sex outside their marriage. There was one with a yellow branch which indicated hetrosexual and another with a pink branch for both sex.

We just thought what a great idea this was, how good would that be for the huge community that enjoy freedom in relation to their sexual experiences.

We were told the jewellery can be bought on line at a site that deals in swinging jewellery but maybe Swingingheaven should sell its own line of jewellery.....what do you think.

As for if we had some fun, well it is me who wore the pink branch chamelion, and I had 2 great experiences where my husband watched when I enjoyed a very well endowed guy from Atlanta back at our motel room and I was invited to spend another night without husband with a local couple at their house. I have no idea if the chameleon sign is international, but what a brilliant idea.......xx