Written by trainer

27 Jan 2015

I recently married, second time around for both, she is disabled with two sons, both late teens. Both young men are in relationships with very diiferent ladies, the younger has a very out-going gf, who I would walk over hot coals, just to see her tight arse. The older's gf is very shy and insular. My wife and I have had conversations about this pair and we have agreed, the match is not good and we don't see this relationship developing anywhere, even after three years.

This past weekend, Sheila, had come round to see Matt, she and her family have just moved about 30 miles away, adding to the strain between them.

After a couple of hours, she came down and asked if I could take her home, my wife asked what was happening and it transpired that they had decided to split, so he was going out with his mates and she, who had been dropped off by her dad had no way of getting back, as she really didn't want to call him back. I agreed.

So there I was had a 20 year old lady in the car, we got chatting about the move and other naff rubbish, so I could avoid the break-up. She then shocked me by saying, 'if he'd though more about my needs as opposed to his own, I'd probably be upset. I tried to ignore it but she gave out some more lurid details, including saying that she'd only ever had an orgasm when she had done herself after he'd finished. My mind was racing, where was this leading, she was a very attractive lady, but I'm old enough to be her granddad, all bets were on when she started to direct me, off the main road and through the forest towards Christchurch. I had to slow down in the back lanes, but even then I wasn't expecting her to start to rub my leg, 'I've heard you and wife, when I've stayed over' she told me, I toyed with driving her straight home as fast as possible and forgetting about her come on, but my maleness took over. Once out of the next village I found one of the many parking places, stopped and pulled her towards me we kissed, god I thought I was 20 again. my hands were under her jumper and inside her bra, her hands were tugging my fly. She had kicked off her boots and pushed down her leggings and pants I twisted her around so I could get my tongue down there, we were still in the front seats, mine pushed right back, her left leg on the dashboard and right straight up in the air. As soon as my tongue touched her lips she let out a long loud moan, she knew now that some men will let her come. She told me to fuck her, she swung back round and reclined the seat I climbed over and slipped in, she came again as I started to pump and we both came together as I filled her with jism.

We stayed together for a few more minutes, she thanked me. I moved back and we got dressed. I then drove her home, I wondered how it would pan out when we got to the house. She lent over and kissed me full on again, then asked for my number, saying only that she may or may not call me at some point, thanked me for the lift then jumped out the car and went into the house without looking back.