16 Aug 2015

A few days ago I submitted my story and since then I have been surprised at how well it has been received. So now I will add the next part.

I had met Peter just the previous day and spent the night with him. The following morning it was taken for granted that we would be having a lie in so to speak. During the last evenings activities, and I admit I had been very aroused and eager , Peter had made a remark in jest about needing to phone a friend. I had teased him about the idea of a second man in order to turn him on, successfully. In the morning Peter said that the friend he might have called was not a man.

In between bouts of energetic love making , when a rest and a cuddle is needed, I could not resist asking Peter if there really was a female friend. he said there was. I asked if she was his lover, he said no , strictly off bounds. I was actually getting turned on by the thought of another woman in bed with us, something I had never done. In my ordinary life it would never happen but this was not my ordinary life. I was being unfaithful to my husband for the first time ever, having exciting erotic sex for the first time ever , with a man I would possibly never see again.

I said to Peter if you tell me about her I will be particularly nice to you , running my tongue across the tip of his soft cock. I continued to tease, saying the more you tell me the nicer I shall be, drawing one of his balls gently into my mouth. He said she was our age group, very shapely, married to a man who is very straight laced. By now his cock had hardened up nicely, I had his tip in my mouth, my hand cupped round his balls and one finger extended playing on his anus. I asked Peter how he knew her. As I moved my lips up and down his shaft he said he had let her use his house from time to time. I asked what might happen if she joined us , he said whatever you want. That was my cue to speed up, he was groaning with pleasure and as I pushed my finger gently , just a tiny way into his bum he filled my mouth with his warm cum.

I knew I would have to let him recover , he had already given me plenty of morning attention. My pussy was throbbing with satisfaction but still wanting more.

Ten minutes later, ten minutes of cuddling and caressing, I said the fateful words. Go on then , phone her. He asked if I was sure , and if she was up for it, when. I said I am sure, and how about this afternoon .

He went downstairs. I could hear him talking but not hear what he was saying.

A few minutes later he came back upstairs , his cock sticking out like a pole. I did not need to be told it was arranged. With no further ado, no foreplay either, he lifted my legs and pushed his hard cock into me. He pounded it into me like never before , and I was delighting in every moment of his total passion. The sheer force of his lust was taking me from orgasm to orgasm, my pussy was oozing liquids, his, mine, ours. He swore out loud as I felt him pumping his cum into me , again.

We dozed. I do not know how long. When I woke, Peter was standing beside the bed, still naked. His lovely penis dangling harmlessly , invitingly. Come on he said, the bath is ready . As gallantly as ever he allowed me a few minutes of privacy to do what everyone has to. He tapped on the bathroom door, asked if he could come in. I opened the door, he was there with a cup of tea in each hand. He led me to the bath which was filled with scented warm water. We both got in, and sat cuddling, drinking our tea, kissing, caressing, touching under the water.

We washed each other, intimitely , which was an utter turn on. Peter got out first, saying he would go and make a little lunch. He told me not to dress, just to wear the bathrobe. After drying I went downstairs to join peter in the kitchen. I wanted to ask about his lady friend , when she would be coming , who she was. He said she would be here at 3pm and that she was a very discrete lady who had to keep her secret life hidden. We ate lunch , then went to sit in the garden for a while to relax. I was excited yet apprehensive. I was not sure I would be able to do it, but so wanted to try. I asked Peter if he would be there, he said yes, if you want me.

At 2.30 he asked if I wanted to get myself ready. I did want to put on a bit of make-up , a spray of perfume. He said I was not to dress, he would come and tell me what to wear. A few minutes later he came into the bedrrom with one of his shirts, a lightweight, white casual linen shirt. Put this on, he said, no panties, no bra. He stood behind me as I looked at myself in the mirror. The shirt was slightly see-through, I could see the darkness of my nipples and the shadow of my pubic hair. Peter put his hands around me, felt my beasts, whispered in my ear you are beautiful.

We went downstairs to await her arrival

When the door bell sounded peter gave me a gentle kiss then went to answer . I heard him say hullo Sally, come through.

Peter introduced us, Jenny, this is my phone a friend Sally. Sally, this is Jenny.

Sally came towards me, hugged me and kissed my cheek. Nice to meet you.

Sally was everything I wished I could be. She had olive skin, thick dark hair. dark glowing eyes, and a truly female body with full breasts and a rounded bum. Her lips were thick and begging to be kissed. She looked at me with a mix of admiration and desire. Then she smiled as she said Oh Peter, thank you .

Peter was standing close behind me, his hands up under the back of my shirt, his fingers playing between the cheeks of my bum, rubbing gently across my anus. Sally ran the back of a finger down across my nipple which immediately hardened. She leant in and kissed me softly on the lips, Slowly she undid the buttons of the shirt, revealing my breasts and then my pubic hair. Her touch was as soft as silk on my skin. She continued to kiss, nibbling on my lips then running her tongue across my nipples. Her hand was playing in my pubic hair, running near to but not on my clitoris.

The combination of her touch, Peter's closeness, his intimate touching of my bum, his lips on my neck, her finger so close to my clitoris, I could not resist. I had my very first ever standing up orgasm brought on by suggestion, imagination and yearning.

Come on said Sally, taking my hand and leading me towards the stairs. Peter will join us later. Any doubt in my mind had dissolved, I was ready to be taught a new way of making love.